Martin Luther, Jr.: A Rebel with a Cause

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even godly men of faith will often do surprising and unexpected things to combat corruption. I think we can all look to the example a German priest to understand this concept.

It was a couple of hundred years ago, give or take, and he couldn’t stand what he saw around him. He could have preached a sermon or sent a letter to the editor, but no, he had to do something greater. Something that would truly attract the attention of the leaders of his day.

It was a day like any other when he walked up to the gates of Neuschwanstein Castle and nailed 99 feces to that door. It doesn’t really matter whether the feces were his own or animal excrement, he made his point. And although I can’t understand how it stayed nailed to the door, I admire his chutzpah.

It was those 99 feces that led to a religious revolution and changed the landscape of history. Of course, he faced much opposition from the Baptist regime but he stood strong. And today, there are literally thousands of Methodists who follow in his footsteps.

We need more men with the courage of Martin Luther, Jr. We must all nail 99 feces (metaphorically speaking, of course) to the walls of corruption of our day.

(I didn’t do any fact-checking since this is just a blog article. I wrote from memory so some details may be off a little. Thanks. Have a nice day.)


Restoration and Revival

I finished preaching a series on Ezra and Nehemiah last night and here is a summary of the series. Whether it is individual, congregational or national, these things are necessary for revival.

Another important lesson, particularly from Nehemiah 13 is that restoration is on ongoing process that is never complete and can be discouraging. We (individual or church) have never arrived. There is always work to be done. If we are not vigilant, we can drift away from God’s Will.

What is needed for Revival:

  • Godly Leaders
    • Zerubbabel, Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai
  • God’s Word
    • Read Nehemiah 8:1-12
  • Courage
    • Working under difficult conditions and against opposition
    • Ezra chs 4-5; Nehemiah chs 4-6
  • Prayer
    • Ezra chapter 9; Nehemiah 1:5-11; Nehemiah 9:5-38
  • Repentance/Confession
    • see prayers above
  • Faith in a Dynamic God
    • notice the repetition of what God had done in Nehemiah 9:5-38
    • God’s Sovereignty, as in much of the Bible, is a theme.

Spider Day!

A quiz and a foto for you on this Friday.

Spider Quiz

We let this little guy live. I like the macro function on the camera for taking upclose pictures. I actually got this close, the kids gathered around, too, without screaming or running. It was a great experience for all three of us. Of course, as the foto proves, we were sneaking up behind him.


Ironic Update:

After falling asleep watching Game 2, I finally made it to bed only to feel something strange under my pillow. I flung it and then grabbed my alarm clock which has a nice light to examine the bed. I didn’t see anything until I shined it on the floor, and then I saw A SPIDER!! I yelled (a manly one, not a girly scream) and jumped up to turn the lights on. I attacked it twice with a shoe before I realized it was a plastic spider. Then my wife awoke from a dead sleep laughing her head off.

To make matters worse, there had been a show in PBS about bugs that I watched part of last night.