Dear Brother Jesus,

Some churches in central TN have some concerns about some statements and actions of yours.  They have asked me to represent them so we can get to the bottom of this matter.  In a day when so many are turning way unto liberalism and denominationalism, we want to be clear and honest.

  • You seem to preach a lot about the Kingdom, yet it is unclear what exactly you believe about it.
  • You also mention the Holy Spirit alot.  We have some concerns about that especially related to how the Spirit indwells the believer.
  • Even though, some who studied under you have preached about it, you have been very silent in public about your views concerning Instrumental Music.  Are you hiding something?  Why not sound a clear sound?
  • You didn’t seem to mind speaking to the Sanhedrin despite any numerous examples of false teachers and sinners who also spoke before them.  Are you not concerned about associating with such men?
  • Do you, in fact, practice the “Social Gospel” which has been proven false and unbiblical in so many debates and clear Bible Study?  You seem to spend a lot of time focusing on the poor and physical needs when you could be declaring the Gospel Truth.
  • What exactly was your relationship with Judas?  You spent a lot of time with him despite his sinful ways.  Did you condone his theft?
  • Some really are not sure that you are committed to the Old Paths of the Restoration Movement and its plea.  So many are rejecting that plea today.  Why do you not preach more about it?

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