My Depression, part 2

I realize that opening up and sharing these types of things can be awkward for everyone.  It might drive some away.  At the same time it might be sensational and provoke the voyeur in all of you to “rubberneck” like you’re passing a bad wreck on I-95.

I wanted to say a thank you to Stormy Ward, a brother in Arkansas, who has been blogging about his life-long struggle with depression, which has been much more severe than mine.  He has fought the good fight much longer, and even much better than I have.  The site is called “10 Minute Freefall” based on the  expression, “I’m so low I could do a ten minute free-fall off the edge of a dime.”

Also, Dee O’Neil Andrews has blogged about her struggles with depression, where I “outed” myself.  These and others have made it easier for me to share and I have a strong need to tell people. I don’t know why.  I shared with the leaders of my congregation and to the church from the pulpit and in our bulletin.  I have emailed all my family who didn’t know to fill them in.  No one said, “you should open up to everyone.”  I just feel the need to be transparent.

I have been blessed by numerous people who have shared with me about their own struggles as a result–whether it was depression or difficult childhoods.  I have learned more about others and been taught more lessons about the sinful, fallen world we live in that continues to destroy lives and hurt people.

Sometimes, maybe it isn’t wise to share.  Sometimes, people would really rather not know what is going on.  I am sorry for forcing this on any unsuspecting blog readers.

More personal and serious stuff to come.  Thanks for listening.


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