Reform in the Blogosphere!!

All is vanity! Vanity of Vanities! After travelling to and fro in the blogosphere, I see a great need for reform and revival. Any great movement will eventually become staid and empty. Therefore, there is a great need for a Blog-Prophet to preach repentance unto good blogging. I AM THAT Blog-Prophet!!

Thou shalt no longer post inane and meaningless comments on someone’s blog for the sole purpose of drawing people unto thine own blog. This is deception. And it is pretty obvious most of the time. Be honest and send a mass advertising email to let people know about your new post or blog. (Blog-Prophet has confessed and repented of this abomination)

Thou shalt refrain from insipid and vacuous posts that resemble Wednesday night Devo fodder. Boring and repetitive posts on Biblical topics rehashing Lucado or some 5 minute devo. This also includes adding your two cents on your own blog after reading someone else’s post on a topic wherein you neither add anything to the discussion nor teach nor encourage, but only say how you feel about potato chips or Matthew 16. As the good book sayeth, “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Thou shalt refrain from using the word “emergent” on thy blog for at least a week.

Thou shalt cease from over-blogging and mixed-blogging. Both of which involves posting a deep theological thought on Monday followed by a discussion on Seinfeld or 80’s music on Wednesday and then a picture of your child on Saturday. Make up your mind! (BTW-does anyone know what to do about a Lady Bug infestation?)

Thou shalt never use fancy words like vacous and staid to sound intellectual and impress strangers who readest thy blog.

Thou shalt leave the blogosphere at least long enough to prepare one decent sermon or spend time with thine offspring.

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, he who posts comments as “anonymous” shall NOT enter the kingdom of Heaven!

THE BLOG-PROPHET HATH SPOKEN! (Best if read with the silly Monty Python voice)


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