My Hometown–Paducah, KY

I can’t sing or play guitar like Bruce so I won’t write a song but I wanted to share some tidbits about my hometown.  Here are a few interesting people, places and things relevant to my hometown.

  • Steve Finley is from Paducah and has had a pretty good Major League Baseball career, playing in two World Series, including the Diamondback championship team.
  • Chong’s is the best Chinese food anywhere.  Better than the infamous Deuce, of which Trey blogs.  They have the best egg rolls and a perfectly priced and filled buffet.  They have 3-4 locations around the city.  If you want something besides the buffet, their Pressed Duck is delicious.
  • School Shootings:  Heath High School, my alma mater, was the location of one of the high profile school shootings.  I was a senior in college in December of 1997 but saw my school on CNN.  I called one of my teachers that night and he had been the one to wait with the shooter until the police came.  Three students died, one (who is a member of a church of Christ) was paralyzed.
  • MAQS:  The Museum of the American Quilting Society is found in Paducah.  I have only visited it once, all I can say is that the city is over-run with quilters for one week out of the year.
  • Alben W. Barkley was VP under President Truman and still the oldest VP ever.  The little airport is named for him and his house remains as a historic site.
    • His last words came in a speech at a university:  creepy or interesting–” “I would rather be a servant in the house of the Lord than to sit in the seats of the mighty.
  • An episode of Unvsolved Mysteries was about a man who fell from the outside of an airplane at our local small airport.  Of course, he was unsuccessful, fell off and died.  He had no identification and the mystery wasn’t solved until 10-15 years later.  At least his identity was discovered, I don’t think they ever figured out why he did such a thing.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman, comtemporary Christian musician and winner of a gazillion Dove Awards, grew up in Paducah.  I didn’t care much while growing up but now I appreciate his music.  I like “This Day.”
  • Dippin Dots, a great way to eat ice cream was started and is based in Paducah. In Jersey, I have found them at the shore (that’s the beach for your southerners) and BJ’s (that’s like a Sam’s Club for you southerners).

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