Return of the Prophet!!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t go anywhere. But I did move to here.

I only transferred over some of my favorite and more personal posts, but left the comments behind.

I like the little text box to the right. I plan on using that a lot. Can’t believe i didn’t sooner.

Welcome to the new place. I am still tinkering some, but I like it and it is free.


8 thoughts on “Return of the Prophet!!

  1. Flew so fast from your old blog to your new one via the internet I got a bloody nose. I’m glad your shared where you would be hanging out and didn’t ditch your blog friends.


  2. Brian, I like your new place, I will be reading, maybe even comment from time to time. Just think I don’t have anything new to say. have fun and may God bless.

  3. Hmmm… either those people are somewhere east of the Eastern Time Zone or something funky is going on with the time/date stamp on comments.

    Anywho, this is the kind of move I like. I didn’t even have to carry any boxes!

    Have a great weekend.

    Grace and peace,

  4. Brian

    I haven’t figured out how to adjust the clock so it is set for Greenwich Mean Time, in England.

    with theobloggers, I had help figuring out such stuff, but with the free account, I don’t

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