Top 10 Things that Annoy Me

10.   Churches with a Tagline“So and So church:  a church that cares” and etc.  That’s like saying, “Brian Nicklaus:  A Human that Breathes.”  It just sounds cheesy to me.  And too close to marketing.

 9.   High Cholesterol

Oh yeah, I have high cholesterol.

8.   Getting a priority mail envelope only to find it’s only advertising from Verizon

Why do they waste the money?

7.   Selfish basketball players

I don’t watch NBA as much as I used to.

6.   DSL line going out for no reason

It will be out and then come on, and as soon as I click to go to a site, it will go out again.

5.  Benadryl packaging that hurts and is dangerous

Good grief, those things are deadly.  I don’t need bandaged hands each time I get allergies.

4.   Our national pastime:  obsessing about celebrities

Paris Hilton.  Tom Cruise. and so on

3.   Tech Support who can only follow their booklet and really don’t know anything about the software.

Why don’t they just mail me a copy of the manual they go through each time, so I can skip to the part I need?

2.   Scripture Abuse

People who attach a scripture (I guess this includes most of us at some point) to an opinion and feel that just quoting the passage over and over suffices instead of actually explaining the connection between their opinion and the passage.

1.   Spiders!!!

Surely you saw that coming.


One thought on “Top 10 Things that Annoy Me

  1. Neva

    Well since the driving is so strange there—when I come, I will call you to have you pick me up at the airport! 🙂

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