A Potpourri of Random Miscellany

McDs Monopoly

What a brilliant marketing scheme. But will a million dollars be worth it if my son becomes the first child to have a heart attack before age 5 from eating french fries and all the money is spent on medical bills for my bypass surgery??

The answer…..I’ll let you know.

I think we have Park Place, if you have Boardwalk, let’s get together!


How about this for an interesting link: an Atheist Blogroll

I have only checked out a couple but one was very interesting:

Memoirs of an Ex-Christian

Obviously, it’s disappointing, but he writes clearly and humbly.

Secondly, Dan Edelen has listed 100 Truths he has recognized/learned in his 30 years as a disciple of Jesus. Great food for thought.

Honk! Honk! Honk!

And, since we finally bought a digital camera, I hope to post occasional (not promising weekly) pictures. Our town/county are over-run with these geese:


15 thoughts on “A Potpourri of Random Miscellany

  1. McDonald’s Monopoly… somebody needs to compile a list of the “rare” game pieces so that those of us that rarely go will know when we get one. I was doing a “gospel meeting” this week and one of the members took me to McDonald’s for breakfast. I got 6 pieces, but didn’t know which ones were any good. I did keep the instant win french fries piece.

    Have a great weekend.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Brian

    DLE, you are welcome.

    laymond, is there a typo? I have no clue what you intended to say.

    david, great point. I enjoyed checking out you blog

    thanks jel, I hope to be as good as you some day

    tim, we have multiple copies of certain ones, i imagine a cross-county road trip would be the best way to play the game, but then you would be fat and sick.

  3. First, thanks for changing the color of the comments. I am old and couldn’t see on the black very well. Second, David someone needs to love the atheists. And third, McD’s has been doing the Monopoly game for years and I’ve never heard of anyone winning a million bucks. Like your random thoughts.


  4. I was thinking a few weeks ago about how the internet is going to change the McD’s Monopoly game (& others like it). I haven’t yet heard of it happening, though I don’t follow the news very closely, but it seems pretty obvious that someone could post about what pieces they have, as you did, and someone else doing a search could find that & possibly match up. Pretty soon, McD’s is going to drop the game … unless they have always fixed the game anyway.

  5. Sorry, I thought everyone followed politics as closely as I do. The president vetoed a bill that would furnish insurance for 10 million needy children. Both the house and senate passed it on a by-partisan vote but the house could not override the veto. just thought we might be ready next time it is brought up. and it will be up again. the insurance is run by the states and is called s-chip. sorry

  6. NB

    Didn’t someone mail a winning Mickey D’s Monopoly game piece to St. Jude’s one time? Thought that was a big story one year. Could be wrong.

  7. “We do a great disservice to families in our churches when we split them up the second they hit the lobby.”

    This from the list of 100 truths you linked above. What do you think about that? I’ve never thought about it that way before.

  8. I like the change in your blog. It looks great!
    I took my boy to feed the ducks not to long ago. They had such a wonderful time. It is the little thing in life that mikes kids happy and that we can cherish memories for a lifetime. A loaf of bread and ducks. wow. 🙂

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