Random Travelogue Notes

  • Advantages of flying with two small children…
    • being seated next to a small child assures you of plenty of leg room and arm space
  • Disadvantages of flying/travelling with two small children…
    • not enough blogs or bloggers…if every man were a blogger and the sky were a server….etc.
  • Even if you had billions of dollars, would you buy any of those gadgets in the magazine/catalog on the plane??
  • Why do some car rental places give you two sets of keys that are bound together by a metal ring, so that it would be impossible to separate them?
  • The second car we rented was a Grand Prix. I confess to squealing the tires a few times and maybe only once was accidental.
  • If you ever get bored waiting in the airport, insert yourself into the conversations of people using “hands-free” cell phones.
  • On the first day of travel, which involved flying with two small children, we were pretty calm. On the last day, we were saying things like, “Do you want another spanking?!” (our kids actually did really well, I am only joking)
  • On vacation, though, we did make all kinds of excuses for not punishing the kids…
    • they are constantly meeting new people
    • they are off schedule
    • they are in new surroundings, etc.
  • I ate too much. I told the wife to fix light stuff and very little. I skipped lunch and barely noticed. We had fish for dinner. I need a week of that.
  • Our last meal in Arkansas (not counting McDs breakfast) was at an Italian restaurant. One that a family member had highly recommended as great. Sadly, my wife and I are Italian snobs. We joked about it being a bad sign that the parmesan cheese resembled Kraft. Then the appetizer was frightening. A good caprese consists of slices of fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, oil…pretty simple. Ours had olives, and way to much oil. Worst of all, the cheese was not good, not fresh. It was squishy and fell apart. Ugh! The wife got eggplant and didn’t like it. Mine was okay but soupy. That’s what we get for eating at a local Italian place in AR.


I might as well start with what’s really important. Plus, I need to brag. My aunt Tina grew up on a farm in Glasgow, KY, so she learned how to cook early on. But, in an embarassment of riches, she recently completed a Culinary Arts program and now runs her own private catering business. She prepared most of the food on Turkey Day.

My favs are her yeast rolls and dumplins. I really didn’t need turkey, just potatos and gravy, corn, stuffing, etc. Plus chocolate pie and pecan pie for dessert. And John’s World Famous Peanut Butter Fudge that melts in your mouth.

Here is John (Paula’s John), cutting up…in aunt Tina’s commercial size kitchen…


And this is how much we like our sweet tea in the South…


Lastly, we sandwiched two visits to the best chinese place in the world around Thanksgiving Day. The first day I ate off the buffet. It isn’t huge, they don’t waste your time with lots of frills. Just the basics and perfectly done. On Friday, being a little stuffed Turkey myself, I ordered off the menu and enjoyed the Pressed Duck. WOW! Still good. It comes in a gravy that is delicious.


Back in the Saddle

We are home after a fun 8-day epic Nicklaus Kids tour of the South. It was great but, as always, it is nice to be home. I didn’t have much internet access plus we were busy eating and visiting. And with two little ones, there isn’t much spare time. I plan to blog a bit in the next couple of days to make up for my absence and talk about our trip. Plus, I have 422 fotos (not counting the ones that I deleted). Here is the first of many more–“Sunset over Cincinnati”.


“Give Thanks to the Lord”

Isn’t is great to have a loving and powerful Heavenly Father to thank instead of just vague and random gratitude?

Here’s my list:

  • That God created everything, including us, knowing how difficult it would be for Him
  • That God was born as a man
  • That God died for us
  • That God was raised from the dead
  • The Cross–Forgiveness of Sin
  • Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • The Written Word
  • The Church
  • My various families
  • My friends from all parts of my life
  • My lovely wife
  • My two precious and beautiful kids
  • My Church Family
  • Fall and Winter
    • Snow
  • My books
  • My home, vehicle, clothes, and all the unnecessary things
  • Blogging/Internet
  • and lots more

Happy Thanksgiving and Thank God!

Monday Ramblings

  • Thanks to all who have pledged to help Julie and her family. I feel like Jerry Lewis. We are up to $525 (give or take, and that’s only the public ones). I especially wanted to thank Trey, who starting spurring us on to good works; my Sister, who sent out a mass email; and those two plus John Dobbs linked to the letter requesting help. Thanks a lot guys. This was spiritually encouraging to me. God bless you all!
  • From the “I told you so” department: I didn’t transfer over the random post about my trip to VA that commented on the number of vanity license plates, but guess what? My observation was correct. (for once)
  • My sermons will be indexed online here. I will try to upload some old ones in addition to the current weekly ones. We are advertising the sermon series on Life of Jesus which will last all of next year. You can go here to see all the sermons that are online but may not appear on the index page yet, including some on parenting, family, money, evangelism, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Life” TV show. I love the characters. They are doing a great job of good weekly shows but with a long-term mystery that needs to be solved. The documentary is a neat effect. Charlie Crews rocks!
  • We had some flurries yesterday. They melted upon impact but that was cool. The timing was perfect. We were without heat Saturday night. Some parts of NW Jersey got four inches last night. As you can see, as of 8:00 a.m. we are getting a nice dusting.
    • Family, Football, Food.
    • Lots to be thankful for, including all of you. God bless.