Quote from Peter Kreeft

I highly recommend “Making Sense out of Suffering” by Peter Kreeft. You can buy it HERE.  Here is a great quote:

“Questioning is equally far removed from both dogmatism (thinking you have all the answers) and skepticism (believing there are no answers). Neither the dogmatist nor the skeptic questions. Dogmatism is intellectual pride and skepticism is intellectual despair; they are equal and opposite extremes, like pride and despair in the moral sphere. Questioning, therefore, is opposed to pride. No one should ever discourage questioning, whether in themselves or in another. Jesus always respected his disciples’ questions, not matter how foolish they were. Parents, teachers, or preachers who discourage questioning are acting like dogmatist or skeptics; they are either arrogant or cowardly, prideful or despairing.” (p. 58-59)


3 thoughts on “Quote from Peter Kreeft

  1. Brian

    i am assuming you haven’t read it.
    he takes a very humble, objective approach. his is a philosophy prof, catholic background, so he has a chapter on what philosophy contributes, but it isn’t technical or hard to read.
    there is a chapter on what artists and poets contribute, one on saints, of course a major chapter on Jesus.
    he calls Jesus, the “Tears of God”
    some chapters and sections are dialogue, he plays the part of a an unbelieving reader. that is helpful and interesting.

    he doesn’t gloss over anything. and his answer is a person, Jesus, not a philosophy argument.

    i think any study, teaching or dealing with the issue should involve this book. great resource.

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