feel…sick…to my…stomach…


Good Grief! Poor Billy.


If they had won, they would have played at MSG next week and I was going to try to get a ticket.  Laymond, pray for your family.


4 thoughts on “feel…sick…to my…stomach…

  1. That’ll teach him to turn down Arkansas’ offer. By the way I was born in Arkansas from parents both from Kentucky, and lived in Texas since the age of 15. I am torn when it comes to sports.

  2. preachershouse

    I thought of you this week as a friend was talking about UT playing UK. Did I understand that was the line-up. I haven’t heard anything about it but figured I would hear from her tomorrow or read it in the papers. Are you not a football fan?

    Congrats on the anniversary. Marriage is truly to be celebrated.


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