Daily Bible Reading 2008

I am glad to worship with a congregation that has encouraged Daily Bible Reading for a long time. The brother of one our of sisters had made a schedule many years ago and the the weekly schedule is published in our bulletin. Each year we remind and encourage all members to find a schedule and read daily. God deserves it and it will change individuals and churches.

I personally believe that individual spiritual development should be the first and foremost “program” of every church. It must be the foundation for everything else. And it won’t happen without prayer and Bible study. This was the reason we developed the daily Bible reading discussion class for 2007 and it has gone well. Anyway, I hope you will read daily in 2008. Here are some resources and schedules that I have shared with our congregation that may be beneficial to you as well:


Lost and Found


Please read John Dobb’s discussion of Fatherhood and Lost. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the show, you will find it interesting.


More problems with the “prosperity gospel.” I must not have enough faith, either.

A German’s view of Islam (lots of application for the church in this) How responsible is the silent peaceful majority among Muslims, Christians, congregations, communities, etc.??

JibJab’s Review of 2007

Have a great weekend and a great Lord’s Day!!

Favorite Bibles

I did buy the Literary Study Bible by Ryken and Ryken and it seems pretty cool. I plan to use it for my Daily Bible Reading in 2008. Here are some of my favorite Bibles, which have nothing to do with readability or translations:

  • My first NIV

I bought a small black Bible at a Catholic Bookstore in downtown Paducah sometime around my freshman year at FHU. I read it a lot after having read the entire NT a few years earlier in the KJV, I was thrilled to read an NIV. It is currently my”car Bible.”

  • NIV pew Bible I took to Italy

I took an ugly brown NIV pew Bible to Italy with me. I have probably read that Bible more than any other and studied from it more than any other. It is still on my shelf and since I highlighted a lot with a yellow pencil highlighter, I refer to it often when looking for stuff, especially great Psalms.

  • My grandmother/dad’s Bible

I have a Bible that belonged to my grandmother (who died while my dad was in college) and then to my dad (who died when I was four). It is a Dixon KJV study Bible and now has my name engraved right beneath my dad’s.  It has tape on a few pages but my sister had it rebound.

  • NIV/NASB Parallel Bible

    I currently preach and teach from a hardcover NIV/NASB parallel Bible. I have it in a zip-up “Bible purse.” These are my two fav translations (with ESV gaining fast) and the church pew Bible is NIV so I preach from that but like having the NASB there for reference, especially in Bible class.

    What is your favorite Bible for personal reasons and why?

    Shocking News!!!

    Sometime between Monday morning and Tuesday evening, I eclipsed 200 lbs for the first time ever.  Ugghh!  Time to do something.

    Almost as shocking:  Did you know that Shania Twain is Canadian and that isn’t even her real name!!!!!!!!  Her first name is Eileen!!!  That’s what I learned watching VH1’s Top 100 Songs of the 90s.

    Some Presents for You

    Most have heard the story of John Newton and the words to Amazing Grace. But did you know about the music? Go Here and be blessed.

    This is Hilarious! A men’s choir singing “12 Days of Christmas”. Watch til the end.

    Here is a quote by Eugene Peterson:

    “It is almost impossible for those of us who have picked up the word “spiritual” from hanging around church parking lots or clicking on the internet not to feel that our attraction to the spiritual confers a slight edge of privilege to us, exempting us from the bother of exegesis. We sense that we are insiders to the ways of God; we get intuitions that confirm our ideas and insights. After that happens a few times, we feel we’ve graduated from tedious recourse to lexicons and grammars. We are, after all, initiates to the text who cultivate the art of listening to God whisper between the lines. It isn’t long, as newspaper columnist Ellen Goodman once put it, before we’re using the Bible as a Rorschach text than as a religious text, reading more ink into the text than we read out of it. It isn’t long before we are using the word “spiritual” to refer primarily to ourselves and our ideas, and only incidentally and by the way to God.” (Eat this Book, p. 52-53)

    And for the first time ever in public forum, I am going to share some poetry I wrote many years ago. I guess they are kinda epigrams.


    to hide his tears, a sad man plays in the rain,

    and kicks himself, to cover his pain.


    I handed my heart like a rose And many petals were torn,

    So that no one had a whole, And each had a piece, worn.


    if love is sought, surely

    it will be found, but without pain;

    and what little value is held

    by things easily obtained.


    I hope that each of you has a great Christmas and safe travels and are blessed in the Lord. Can you believe he became one of us?!?!!!!?

    Merry Christmas 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I want for Christmas is to win my fantasy football league championship this weekend.  Going into Monday night, I have a 38 point lead but my opponent in the finals still has two guys to play, mine are all finished.  Oh yeah, and maybe world peace or something.