Pretty Lights (fotos)



12 thoughts on “Pretty Lights (fotos)

  1. I love this post.
    I love the lights.
    It is so beautiful.
    My eyes can’t get their attention off of them.
    It is like when I watched “The Wall” for the first time? 🙂

  2. Is Donna making fun of us? 🙂 I think I can tell it’s a string of lights, but how’d you get it to do that special effect? And where are the lights, on your tree?

  3. Brian

    since you all are clamoring and harassing me to find out the answer, here it goes

    i have a fireworks function on my camera, it uses a sloooow shutter speed so you can fotograph fireworks.

    i used that, and wiggled the camera around while taking a picture of the big tree in the center of town, maybe a 30-40 foot tree with only lights on it.

    i think it is cool that one looks like birds and the other life fish. just got lucky

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