The Literary Study Bible

Check this out! It sounds really interesting and I would prefer this to a typical study Bible where people tell you what the Bible means. The last thing I need is another Bible but this high on my list.

ESV Literary Study Bible edited by Ryken and Ryken (a father and son team)

Official Website

A Good Review at Discerning Reader

This would be great for Daily Bible Reading


10 thoughts on “The Literary Study Bible

  1. I totally understand what you mean about Study Bibles that are the opinions of pastors, authors, etc. I recently found Bible Study Tools online that lets me access tons of commentaries, 29 versions of the Bible, lexicons, maps, historical books, etc. and I love this because it’s ME studying the Bible for myself and not someone telling me what to think about it. I love highlight verses that hit home and taking and saving notes below the verses or commentaries. There’s a split-panel screen which is great because it lets you compare versions, commentaries, books, etc. so you can come to conclusions on your own while weighing the opinions of others. I hope you have time to check it out!
    Bible Study Tools

  2. I bought this recently, along with Ryken’s Bible Handbook. It was probably overkill to buy both, but there is definitely good information here. And if you don’t have an ESV, it’s a good translation.

  3. I still haven’t got me a ESV. Yea, I know, don’t beat me up. I’m still using my NIV, NLT and NCV.

    I appreciate Tim’s review. Brian, if you get this let us know what you think … and I appreciate Kristie’s information on Bible Study Tools.

  4. Brian

    i think you can actually download a section, somewhere i printed out a copy of Genesis 1-3 with the chapter summaries. check the official site for that.

  5. I got it the first week it was out through Amazon. I got a great deal. Ryken is on my top 10 list of authors and this was definitely worth the wait. I also have Ryken’s Handbook which was also worth the price. I love Ryken’s books on the literature of the Bible and how to read it. Once I get an iPod I’m going to get the ESV in MP3 format on CDs and put it on the iPod. I’m also waiting for the NASB to come out in MP3 format. Then other translations plus I have the Greek NT in MP3 format. Technology is a great thing!

  6. Brian

    ESV has been my bible for daily bible reading this year. and I have enjoyed it. it may be awhile before I switch to using it for preaching but that day may come, where I use it almost exclusively in preaching/teaching

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  8. I like the ESV’s approach to translation – it’s been really helpful on my walk with the Lord. I’ve seen this study bible on the shelves once or twice, but never really looked into it too deeply. Thanks for flagging it up.

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