NJ abolishes Death Penalty

I am not going to lose sleep but I believe it is a God-given option/responsibility of the government, but something that Christians should have nothing to do with.

USA Today story

Megan’s Law killer escapes death penalty

Samuel G. Dawson on Capital Punishment Interesting thoughts. It is a paradox that I hold to, as well.


On an unrelated note: Pray for the Adams family. I will be taking part in the memorial service for the son of one of our members. He died from complications from a bullet wound to the head in a robbery attempt on the island of St. Vincent. The shooting occurred weeks ago. He survived surgery to remove the bullet and lived about a week before dying the day after Thanksgiving in Trinidad. The family was finally able to have the body transported here for a service and burial.


4 thoughts on “NJ abolishes Death Penalty

  1. Thank you for the S. Dawson link. Brother’s murderer got life which means he will be released when he gets older and the state doesn’t want to pay medical… (just fyi if, God forbid, your family ever faces the decision).

    Deeply sorry for the Adams family loss.

    God’s Blessings and Merry Christmas!

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