Live Free or Die Hard: Free Movie Review

Since I am not able to even relax and watch a mindless action flick without processing everything, I decided to review the most recent mindless action flick with Bruce Willis. Plus, it’s a weekend post so no one is reading anyway.

Just as with John Mclane, you will wonder where I got all these bullets from….

  • The young nerdy guy reminded me of a young Keanu Reeves. It was kinda distracting.
  • The villain resembled Ryan Seacrest way too much. What happened to German terrorists with evil accents? Not a ‘good’ bad guy.
  • With our reliance on technology, is some scenario where everything goes crazy a possibility? That was kinda creepy.
  • What is our fascination with loner, hero types? In this series of films, you have the bad guys, then the regular cops/feds/etc. who are cast as inept and almost bad guys, themselves. They don’t respect or pay attention to Mclane. But Willis is the only one who can accomplish anything, and he doesn’t have any resources except toughness and attitude.
  • Isn’t the title the same as the New Hampshire state motto? Oh wait, that’s “Live Free or Die,” which always cracks me up. It sounds like an imperative.
  • Ridiculously unreal stuff that we accept just for the fun of it…
    • in a 24 hour period he was in constant car wrecks, falling, getting shot, yet keeps on going
    • Most Ridiculous Scene: jumping from semi-trailer onto jet and hanging onto said jet, then jumping off and sliding down a broken road
  • The first “Die Hard” is still one of the great action movies. The one where the bad guys stole the gold wasn’t that great. I would rank them like so:
    • Die Hard–original. the bad guy was one of the better film villains, not just of this series
    • Live Free or Die Hard–good action, effects, story
    • The one on planes in the snow
    • the one where they stole gold
    • Good grief, is that all? How many were there?
  • I am sure it would have been nice on the big screen but I never made it. I only paid a dollar for viewing this one. Much better. Definitely worth a buck.
  • If you like unrealistic, fast-paced action films, with sarcastic loner, unbreakable cops….rent it.

7 thoughts on “Live Free or Die Hard: Free Movie Review

  1. No one checking in here. 🙂

    I’m a Die Hard fan. (Should be some self-help group for preachers who like violent movies) Haven’t seen this one yet, but I want to. Thanks for the review!

  2. Who was the “black guy” side kick this time? The first it was the limo guy and then it was Samuel L Jackson (who always plays angry black men) … wait was there one in the snow one?

  3. Brian

    Minority Report.

    Asian woman–bad girl, dies
    fed1–hispanic or mediterranean or mid east descent
    fed2–african american, very minor role.

  4. Here’s my take on the Die Hard series.
    #1 – Ranks the best. Willis’ wise cracks were half the fun.
    #2 – Okay, not much else to say.
    #3 – better than #2, interesting. Good chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson.
    #4 – Ranks up there with #1. Justin Long and Keanu Reeves are nothing alike (IMHO). Justin Long was as important to the movie as Willis. Without him it wouldn’t have been as good a movie. Long made a good transition from “Hi I’m a Mac” to this movie. I really liked him in it.

    Tim, when you find that support group let me know, I’ll join.

    Brian, what is “Minority Report?” Is that the one with Tom Cruise?

  5. Neva

    You didn’t like the part where he killed the helicopter with a car? That was pretty unbelievable but when McClane justified the use of the car with “I was out of bullets” well you just had to love it —didn’t ya?

    Merry Christmas Brother,


  6. Brian

    neva that was a great line. and a ridiculous moment.

    i also left out, flying a helicopter from WV to Baltimore and finding the guy’s house. even if he had generators.

    i didn’t mean to imply that long acted like keanu, he just reminded me of him. he was great in the film.

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