Some Presents for You

Most have heard the story of John Newton and the words to Amazing Grace. But did you know about the music? Go Here and be blessed.

This is Hilarious! A men’s choir singing “12 Days of Christmas”. Watch til the end.

Here is a quote by Eugene Peterson:

“It is almost impossible for those of us who have picked up the word “spiritual” from hanging around church parking lots or clicking on the internet not to feel that our attraction to the spiritual confers a slight edge of privilege to us, exempting us from the bother of exegesis. We sense that we are insiders to the ways of God; we get intuitions that confirm our ideas and insights. After that happens a few times, we feel we’ve graduated from tedious recourse to lexicons and grammars. We are, after all, initiates to the text who cultivate the art of listening to God whisper between the lines. It isn’t long, as newspaper columnist Ellen Goodman once put it, before we’re using the Bible as a Rorschach text than as a religious text, reading more ink into the text than we read out of it. It isn’t long before we are using the word “spiritual” to refer primarily to ourselves and our ideas, and only incidentally and by the way to God.” (Eat this Book, p. 52-53)

And for the first time ever in public forum, I am going to share some poetry I wrote many years ago. I guess they are kinda epigrams.


to hide his tears, a sad man plays in the rain,

and kicks himself, to cover his pain.


I handed my heart like a rose And many petals were torn,

So that no one had a whole, And each had a piece, worn.


if love is sought, surely

it will be found, but without pain;

and what little value is held

by things easily obtained.


I hope that each of you has a great Christmas and safe travels and are blessed in the Lord. Can you believe he became one of us?!?!!!!?

Merry Christmas 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I want for Christmas is to win my fantasy football league championship this weekend.  Going into Monday night, I have a 38 point lead but my opponent in the finals still has two guys to play, mine are all finished.  Oh yeah, and maybe world peace or something.


6 thoughts on “Some Presents for You

  1. Jeanne M.

    I was told you can track Santa Claus from the North Pole starting today or tonight at Maybe your kids would enjoy seeing it. Try it out.

    May 2008 bring blessings and peace to you and your family.
    God bless you, each and every one. Enjoy your day tomorrow with your loved ones.

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