Lost, Super Bowl, and Weekend Reading

I liked the season 4 premiere but it seemed like it was all commercials. I have been watching DVDs so tonight really felt like I was getting 2 minutes of Lost and then commercial break for 10 minutes. It went by way too fast. Can’t wait til next week.

Who are the Oceanic 6? We know Jack, Kate, and Hurley make it off the island. Who are the other 3?

I will be rooting for the Giants on Sunday evening.  Would love to see an upset and I believe it is possible.  It could at least be close.  (and it might be a 40 point blowout for the Pats).  Local, underdogs, Eli deserves it.

This site is covering lots of political stuff: Pajamas Media

Here is a scathing article against Mitt Romney (and I am even considering voting for the guy, but this is frustrating)

Hopefully Huckabee didn’t mess up big time.

Our state primary is Tuesday. I am not big on anyone. Still don’t know…

Oh yeah, my kids have a podcast now.  Check it out!  Sam & Eva

One last link to an interesting religious blog: The Anti-Itch Meditation


Confessions of a Carboholic

So I had my physical Monday morning and learned that I had gained 24lbs in the last 13 months. Did I mention the 24lbs?

My total cholesterol actually went down from 239 to 216 but my triglycerides jumped from 120 to 202. I had cut down on saturated fats but kept on (and maybe increased) my carb intake. That plus a sedentary lifestyle equals trouble.

So I am reading labels. My wife who had gestational diabetes told me how many carbs to eat, including snacks, and I have halfway used it as a guide.

So, anyway, my lovely wife, whom I love, comes home from the grocery store at lunch time. She wasn’t sure want to do for lunch and frozen pizzas were on sale. I love frozen pizzas. I always want her to buy them. She usually doesn’t. I usually eat one while watching Sunday night football after a long hard day. But one serving of the pizza which is a teeny-tiny amount is 70 freakin’ carbs (pardon my language).

I had planned to eat a PB & B sandwich and I did, quickly. Then I left the house for the office to not be around the pizza. I felt cranky today though. I think I am going through carb withdrawal. The kids were driving me crazy just being normal.

So, tonight after Bible study I threw a big chunk of leftover pizza into the toaster oven and devoured it. It felt good. Really good. Actually it didn’t even taste great but I enjoyed it immensely.

My smart wife, who is often correct, thinks that if I cut back to much to the extreme, I will fling way back to the other extreme sooner or later. She preaches moderation. Her and Socrates.

I may live the life of a junkie, though. Buying fries (especially Five Guys Fries) when I am out by myself. I may start eating more chips after she goes to bed. I may hide mashed potatoes in my office and buy a loaf of French bread from a shady guy at Wequahic Park in Newark.

This may be the incentive I need to exercise regularly. If that means I can continue to enjoy pasta, bread, and potatoes, it might be worth it.


Now I can’t sleep, probably because of all the pizza.

Prayer inspired by Psalm 119


Your word is perfect. You have given me what I need. Your covenant is perfect. Thank you for revealing yourself through written words in addition to nature and your Son.

Thank you so much for the ability to read. So many of your children through the centuries had to rely on others to hear your word. Thank you for the abundant availability of your written word which so many still don’t enjoy in the world today. Help me to never take that for granted.

Help me to love your word as much as the psalmist did. Help me to love you so much that I crave to know you better every day and that I spend time every day in your word.

Help me to hide your word in my heart, not just in my brain. Help me to live your word with my mouth, hands, feet; and not just discuss it and debate it and memorize it.

Help me to realize it is all about you and to never love your word more than you, but love your word even more because I love you even more.

Remind me, Lord, that I can’t survive on bread only, but from every word you have revealed.

Help me to rejoice in your word, your commands, your expectations of holiness, realizing that they are not burdensome.

Help me to love your covenant and meditate on it always.

in the name of the Living Word, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Leviticus and Daily Bible Reading

Leviticus is coming soon in my Daily Bible Reading so probably also in yours (unless you are a chicken or a Marcionite and only read the NT). Here are some things to consider about the book of Leviticus before you get there in your daily Bible reading. Also, I have linked to a sermon on “Why Study Leviticus?

  • Leviticus is only complex and tedious because we don’t read it much and can’t relate culturally. Most of us have jobs that are more complex, we have to remember more bits of tedium throughout our daily routine that the Priests had to know to perform their job. Doctors, Lawyers, and mechanics probably have to remember and know more in their daily job than a Levite did.
  • Leviticus talks about forgiveness and atonement. How can we fully grasp what Jesus did without understanding “atonement?”
  • God wrote the book on Holiness and it was Leviticus. It will help us understand.
  • It is as inspired as Acts or John.
  • Even though the covenant has changed, God and Jesus have not.
  • You wouldn’t pick up John Grisham or Stephen King and only read the final third of the the story, would you?
  • Another thought from Leviticus from someone else’s blog.


Yesterday’s sermon is available HERE.

I had a physical this morning. Got to lower my sugar, tryglicerides, etc. I gained 24 lbs, yes 24 lbs in 13 months.  24lbs!

I feel another blogfast coming on.