Cont. (plus an important prayer request)

(We just got a call that Marisa’s Granddad in Searcy, AR, had a stroke today. We know very little. Please pray for him and the Garner Family. Thanks.)

It’s still Monday. I’m still rambling. (plus, no one else is saying much of anything)

We might get a couple of inches of snow tomorrow evening. Plus the temps look to remain in the mid 30s as highs for a few days. Hopefully, I will be able to sled in our backyard with the kids on Wednesday morning. I’ll let you know. Plus, I hope to get some good shots to win Dee’s contest.

Two of my favorite commercials on TV right now deal with sports. The funniest is the old lady playing linebacker or safety for the Washington Redskins who makes a game-saving tackle then comes off the field yelling, “THIS IS MY HOUSE! THIS IS MY HOUSE!”

The other is the McEnroe commercial where he learns about resolution and goes back to apologize to the line judge. The way the old guy greets Mc is great, reminds of Seinfeld saying, “Newman!” Then when he hugs the guy after saying maybe he isn’t evil, or something like that.

What is your favorite commercial playing these days?

Also, of great importance are my two favorite hamburgers. We eat mostly chicken and pasta at home so when we are out I try to order beef. I was surprised that Applebees burgers are better than most specialty burger joints and all the fast food places. I think it is called the Cowboy burger. (be careful that you don’t choke. you know how Cowboys and choking seem to go together).

But the best burger I have ever eaten is found at Five Guys Burger and Fries. Wow! I had heard blogging buddy and former classmate Brad Palmore drone on and on about the place before they even arrived in NJ. Sadly, he has moved to MI, away from these precious burgers. I ate there my first time a week ago and had a second one within a couple of days. I think about it often and can’t wait to go back. Twice I have been at the mall where a new one opened up and regret not taking advantage of the opportunity. For those of you on the east coast or anywhere near a Five Guys joint, go there as soon as possible. The must use heroine or nicotine as an ingredient. Can’t wait for the next one.

What is your favorite burger?

And lastly for today, I am getting a physical/check-up next Monday early just for fun. I figure every 15 years is a good schedule. I did the blood work last week. (probably not a good idea to eat at Five Guys twice in the week before getting cholesterol test, although, their fries which are also fabulous, are fried in peanut oil which has no cholesterol)

I have received minor bruising when giving blood in the past, but nothing like this time. Is this normal?bruise.jpg


13 thoughts on “Cont. (plus an important prayer request)

  1. We love Five Guys! We have one nearby, and we’ve eaten there a couple times. They do have really good burgers. I didn’t know they had them in NJ. I think we’ve seen one in Outer Banks, NC, too. Other than that, my favorite burgers are at Chili’s or Fuddruckers (just wish they had a different name!).

    No, I do NOT think that much bruising is normal! I am prone to bruising too, but I’ve never had it that bad.

    Hope you get some snow, I’m looking forward to more myself.

  2. Brian

    marisa’s granddad was released and will have other drs appts and tests this week. Praise God that at this point, it seems minor.

  3. Sorry to hear about Marisa’s granddad. My grandfather (Nana’s husband) just had a mini-stroke a couple weeks ago. He seems to be doing just fine, maybe walking a little shakily. I’m sure Marisa’s granddad will be up & at’em again soon. 🙂

  4. Jeanne M.

    Glad Marissa’s grandfather is out of the hospital. Hope he does as well as Lon has – has therapy once or twice a week because he still has “tingling” in his right arm, and a tightness in his right leg. So grateful for quick help and good doctors/nurses/therapists.

    Looks like your arm was swollen besides being bruised. I hope you spoke to the doctor about it and there was no infection.

    Enjoy the snow. Charlotte got a dusting last week and our doctor closed his office and cancelled appointments. The folks here seem traumatized by a little winter weather. 😉

  5. Jeanne M.

    Because of yours and Lisa’s recommendation, Lon and I ate at Five Guys today. Sorry but we think Chili’s burgers are much better, about the same price, and there is a better atmosphere.

  6. Brian

    he is back in the hospital. when they were trying to get a referral for therapy, his doctor just admitted him so they could keep an eye on him and begin therapy.

    he has a little slurred speech, but that’s all I have heard so far in the way of effects.

    thanks for the concern and prayers

  7. Phillip

    Gospel Music legend the Rev. Timothy Wright was in a very serious car accident. Timothy Wright was in the car with his wife and grandson. Timothy Wright’s wife died and Timothy Wright and his grandson are in critical condition.

    Let us pray for Timothy Wright and his family.

    Rev. Timothy Wright – Newsday Article…,6682309.story

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