Weekend Reading Suggestions

Your Bible!! Hello?

CNN article on Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz guy)

How to Improve your Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit: Good advice from a great blogger, Dan Edelen.

Welcoming, Not Affirming

and Finally
Christians! Don’t forward on slanderous, racist, prejudice emails, even if you are a hardcore Republican. You don’t need snopes to see that THIS is politically motivated trash.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Reading Suggestions

  1. Brian,

    Thanks for the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum on improving the four aspects of your person. I pray it blesses your readers!

  2. I haven’t got one dirty democrate email yet. What’s up? Have I griped so much about, “I hate forwards” that people have actually quit sending them? Good.

  3. i actually hit replay all and scolded my wife’s best friend who sent it to us and everyone on the list. I kinda got upset. I apologized to my wife, but realized I didn’t regret anything I said and got even angrier when I realized it was MLK day when I received it.

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