Leviticus and Daily Bible Reading

Leviticus is coming soon in my Daily Bible Reading so probably also in yours (unless you are a chicken or a Marcionite and only read the NT). Here are some things to consider about the book of Leviticus before you get there in your daily Bible reading. Also, I have linked to a sermon on “Why Study Leviticus?

  • Leviticus is only complex and tedious because we don’t read it much and can’t relate culturally. Most of us have jobs that are more complex, we have to remember more bits of tedium throughout our daily routine that the Priests had to know to perform their job. Doctors, Lawyers, and mechanics probably have to remember and know more in their daily job than a Levite did.
  • Leviticus talks about forgiveness and atonement. How can we fully grasp what Jesus did without understanding “atonement?”
  • God wrote the book on Holiness and it was Leviticus. It will help us understand.
  • It is as inspired as Acts or John.
  • Even though the covenant has changed, God and Jesus have not.
  • You wouldn’t pick up John Grisham or Stephen King and only read the final third of the the story, would you?
  • Another thought from Leviticus from someone else’s blog.


Yesterday’s sermon is available HERE.

I had a physical this morning. Got to lower my sugar, tryglicerides, etc. I gained 24 lbs, yes 24 lbs in 13 months.  24lbs!

I feel another blogfast coming on.


3 thoughts on “Leviticus and Daily Bible Reading

  1. Glenn Pemberton, who was one of my RAs in college and now teaches Old Testament at ACU, did a class on Leviticus at the Sermon Seminar at the Graduate School of Theology in Austin. Made us all want to jump up, run home, and preach Leviticus.

    What stood out to me was the continuity with Exodus. I’m not even sure why there’s a change of books there; Leviticus 1:1 almost begins in the middle of a sentence.

    When you look at what that book signified for the people of Israel, it’s an interesting read.

    Grace and peace,

  2. I found Leviticus to be one of my favorite classes in school, but least favorite book to read. It does so much to set up the book of Hebrews in the NT. In fact I don’t know how you can fully understand Hebrews without first understanding Leviticus and the sacrificial system.

    I’m enjoying your podcasts. They download right to my iPod each week.

    As for the weight gain. Shave the beard and immediately loose 10 lbs. 🙂

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