Prayer inspired by Psalm 119


Your word is perfect. You have given me what I need. Your covenant is perfect. Thank you for revealing yourself through written words in addition to nature and your Son.

Thank you so much for the ability to read. So many of your children through the centuries had to rely on others to hear your word. Thank you for the abundant availability of your written word which so many still don’t enjoy in the world today. Help me to never take that for granted.

Help me to love your word as much as the psalmist did. Help me to love you so much that I crave to know you better every day and that I spend time every day in your word.

Help me to hide your word in my heart, not just in my brain. Help me to live your word with my mouth, hands, feet; and not just discuss it and debate it and memorize it.

Help me to realize it is all about you and to never love your word more than you, but love your word even more because I love you even more.

Remind me, Lord, that I can’t survive on bread only, but from every word you have revealed.

Help me to rejoice in your word, your commands, your expectations of holiness, realizing that they are not burdensome.

Help me to love your covenant and meditate on it always.

in the name of the Living Word, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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