Mediocre Monday

WOW! What a game! I am happy for the underdogs. I am happy that a local team won. I am happy for Tank Daniels. I am happy for Eli Manning. Wow! No matter what happens to Eli, you can’t take away a Super Bowl MVP. Four clutch playoff games in a row. They knock out the favored Cowgirls. He beats Favre at Lambeau Field in freezing temps. And finally, he leads two touchdown scoring drives in the fourth quarter in the Super Bowl against one of the best all-time teams. Where are his critics now? The legend of Eli has begun. It will be hard to top last night’s game.


Wow, Super Sunday and Super Tuesday all within 72 hours. We need a better name for this Monday which falls in between.

Since tomorrow is primary day in some states and apparently of some importance, here are some links:

On the Issues has information on all the candidates, like how they voted, and a good site for general information.

Campaign Issues page from which will also tell you where they stand. I think I am just a single-issue vote. Go ahead, hate and mock me. I don’t care. is a must-view site after any debate, speech, press release. They are providing a great service for the elections.

Instapundit provides lots of links and updates on political news.

Check the Lame-O Weblog of Mark Elrod occasionally. He is a poli-sci professor at one of “our” universities and is a democrat.


6 thoughts on “Mediocre Monday

  1. I was pretty excited for the Giants too. 3 out of 5 in our family were rooting for them — of course, the 2 rooting for the Pats were the 2 most likely to get upset if their team lost. Maybe that proves you shouldn’t invest too much in a game that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. 😉 I know, I know – what do I know? I’m just a silly girl. (Giants were my favorite, favorite team while I was growing up.)

    Thanks for some of those links. I have, for the most part, already been disappointed about who’s falling behind in the polls & who’s rising to the top. Oh well. 😦

  2. Well done on your pick for Super Bowl winner. Are you going to give me some early picks for final four games? I’d like to make some bets. 🙂 (you’re good)

  3. Jeanne M.

    Funny, Paula! I had a hard time deciding which team to root for since we have lived in Massachusetts, and also in New Jersey, but I am glad the underdog Giants won, especially with Tank Daniels on the winning team. Didn’t watch the whole game, but was glad to read about it this morning.

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