Super Fat Tuesday

Marisa’s folks were here this weekend. Her mom made Gumbo (no shrimp, but chicken and sausage) and Marisa made a King Cake. We had that for lunch on Sunday. It was yummy. They lived north of NO for a few years.

For Lent I think I will give up…

  • Professional football (at least for the next 7 months)
  • Politics and Politicians (I could use a break)
    • Don’t you love it when a christian encourages you to pray as if they want you to seek God’s guidance before voting, but then they tell you who to vote for?
  • Lint–whether the belly-button kind or plain pocket lint.

10 thoughts on “Super Fat Tuesday

  1. You’re not going to believe this but I was thinking I’d give up the exact same things!

    Wait, does that mean no Pro Bowl Sunday?

    How about a razor? Still giving that up?

  2. brian

    Pro Bowl is a joke. NBA all-star is failed alley-opps, MLB has the best game, IMO

    yep, still giving up the razor. Marisa continues to like it. We may get a family picture. as long as my mom is okay with it, I may leave the beard for the picture.

  3. Don

    Brian maybe that Christian already prayed and God led him to an answer 😉 Then again that won’t work for a lot of the blogging Christians because they believe God has a different answer for each Christian…. so never mind 😉

    My son’s favorite answer to those who ask him, “What did you give up for Lent?’
    He says, “I gave up Catholicism and now I don’t know what to do’

    I really like my son…..

  4. Jeanne M.

    Can we get a copy of the recipe for King Cake? I just read one of Patrick Mead’s blogs and he spoke of eating King Cake that a member had brought him. Let us all in on the cholesterol-laden dessert – at least it sounded like dessert from his description.

    If I can make it once, then maybe I can “give it up” for a little while before making it again. If you don’t want to print it here, would you please email it to me?

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