Lost Links

Doc Jensen at EW.com Includes an interesting comparison between the four new characters and the Fantastic Four, plus C.S. Lewis comes to Lost!!

Doc Arzt’s Lost Blog has great stuff

Interview with an Extra (plus a shocking fact near the end)

Who is Ben’s man on the boat? how about Walt? He is able to apparently communicate with people from a distance. I can’t remember the time frame but what if Michael and Walt’s boat was intercepted by the Freighter?

Lost Question of the Week:

What is THE one mystery you want the answer to?

Me? how the hostiles/others originally got on the island


5 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. I’m just doing everything I can to stay focused. I’m “lost” through most of the show, so I want all the mysteries answered. The problem I have is, I love the show, I’m just impatient with being strung out!

  2. I want the answer as to when it will be over, my wife watches and I gripe all the way through, “What the heck is going on there” it is a three hour show strung out over a decade. its terrible. !!!!

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