Random Funny Monday Stuff

If you would like to smile, go watch Mt Rushmore A Capella

Three hilarious phony ads: Your Best Teeth Now and Selling “junk” to Christians and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs: 2006 edition

More Lost stuff will be coming on Thursday as usual but I found this Map

This is great. Well-written and spot on. 1 Corinthians 17: Concerning Announcements


10 thoughts on “Random Funny Monday Stuff

  1. I love the 1 Corinthians 17 article. If we find it in enough Greek manuscripts, can we include it? And can we get it written in The Message style, with lots of hyphenated words and the like?

  2. Brian,
    I love the salling junk to Christians ad!
    Thanks for putting it up.
    It is the funnest thing that I have seen in a long time.

    I link to the 1 1Cor 17 is also very interesting. Thanks! 🙂

    I hope you have a grea day!

  3. Hmm … Matt & Brian have the same blog layout — did Preacherman think he was on Matt’s when he left the first comment? 🙂 I’ve been confused myself more than once.

  4. Brian,
    I especially loved Foxe’s Book of Martyrs: 2006 edition. I hope that this is not some weird psychology test. You know the one I’m talking about, they ask one question and supposedly gather depths of information about your personality and inner psyche (is the redundant?).

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