What about Obama?

I am really not excited about Obama and the only reason I can give is, I don’t like hype and hysteria.  I have no problem with an African-American President.  I think that would be great, if only for the fact that it would encourage Black people in America.  (I fear a loss by Obama for the nomination or in the general election will be viewed as “Racism is Alive and Well in America”–maybe so, maybe not.  that might be the cause or there may be other factors).

I have read that his voting record is more liberal than John Edwards, but I haven’t checked it out.

I remember learning about JFK and LBJ in a college class.  LBJ was a hardcore politician and was able to push through much of JFK’s ideas/legislation.  If Kennedy had lived, would he have been praised as much?  Would he have accomplished as much?

I share this to ask, Are the skills/abilities that make a person electable/popular the same skill set required to successfully run a government??  Or in other words, how far has politics come from high school popularity contest?

Anyway, just some thoughts.  Nothing personal against Obama.

Here are some links:

Don discussing Michelle Obama’s confusing comments

Is Barack Obama the Messiah (whether this is pro or against, it bothers me)

The end of Obamamania (politics as usual, as frontrunner, he will be attacked more)

The plagiarism scandal (definitely blown out of proportion, but hey, this is politics)


6 thoughts on “What about Obama?

  1. Don

    Old Jacky Boy.
    I have always contended that JFK’s death resurrected his presidency.
    I put JFK and James Dean and Kurt Cobain all in the same category… they would have all fallen into the ‘One Hit Wonder’ category if not for their untimely deaths.

  2. Except for the fact that Nirvana peaked before Cobain’s death. And two #1 albums (Nevermind and In Utero) hardly makes them one hit wonders.

    And as much as my traditional support falls into the red side of the spectrum, I think the current administration reveals a difference between winning and leading.

  3. The question of high school vs national politics is a fare question. The main difference… well, I can’t think of one. Ok, here is one… more people die. I could never vote for anyone Rep. or Dem. who is for slaughtering over 3500 innocent children every day!

    Yes, it is MY litmus test,

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