Lost Links

Interview with the producers (lots of neat info about this season)

In honor of tonight’s ep being a Kate flash-forward, here is a trange yet interesting interview/article on Evangeline (Kate) Lilly’s faith and background

Great thoughts from USA Today forum following last week’s episode

Episode 4:3 summary from Lostpedia

Episode 4:3 recap from Doc Jensen

More info on the Freighties from USA Today

Season 4 Plan since WGA strike ended

Interview with actress who plays Charlotte

If you are in to science and science fiction and can handle some true obsession with LOST

What is your favorite “GASP!” moment from Lost?

a. Charlie taking an arrow in the neck in Des’ flashback
b. Locke’s dad appearing behind the door when Ben wants to show him something
c. Sayid working for Ben in the future
d. finding out that Locke was in a wheelchair before the crash
e. the Jack flash-forward meet up with Kate at the airport (season 3 finale)
f. the season 2 opener which seemed to be in the past but Desmond was in the hatch
g. your suggestion



3 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. Brian

    i am going to select locke’s dad appearing on the island.
    while it is probably that he was kidnapped and brought there, the shock was still surprising after the fact, whereas, I didn’t see the future scene coming but at least made sense.

  2. Brian

    another shocking ending! Wowsers!!

    I was thinking she might have aaron as a part of a lie or something. I still wasn’t sure though, I really thought Kate was lying to Sawyer that she wasn’t preggers. then it made more sense if jack didn’t want to see a little baby sawyer. The fact that he couldn’t be around Aaron is scary. poor claire. it can’t be pretty, no matter which way it happened.

    so now we know the story (lie) that the Oceanic 6 have to keep.

    Jack said that 8 survived the crash. I am trying to think of what info or incident made it necessary to say that two survived the crash but died or didn’t come back. maybe they just say Locke went insane.

    Hugo, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Aaron, plus 1
    Who will it be?
    producers said we will know the official 6 by ep 7.

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