Finally!!!!! Snooooow!!!

We are up to five inches already at noon eastern time. I heard rumors that the expectation of a little warming which would lead to some rain and wintry mix has changed to all snow! Who knows how much we will end up with. I am going to plow a little today in case it snows a lot more and save snow blower for tomorrow. Cooooool!!!

(It is better if you click on them to see the entire picture.  I did center the first shot of 3 trees but the right part of the foto isn’t seen here)




9 thoughts on “Finally!!!!! Snooooow!!!

  1. I’m so bummed that we missed out on that. It went right on by us — I guess it was only supposed to be freezing rain for us anyway. I want snow too!! Hope you have a fun day! 🙂

  2. Too bad you didn’t have that second picture about three weeks ago when I was running the Finding Direction photo contest, Brian. I really like it a lot!

    Hope you have a good and safe weekend.

    Much love,


  3. Brian

    thanks, dee,
    first thing I thought as I was taking pictures is, “this snow came too late for dee’s contest”

    i will save them for next winter’s contest.

  4. It is nice seeing snow on your blog.
    I never see snow.
    I live so south Tx. we hardly see it.
    I live about an hour from Mexico.
    Boarder Patrol in town.
    I want to thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.
    I hope you have a blessed weekend.

  5. We had rain two weeks in a row in Tucson. There was snow on the mountains. In fact, for a few minutes last week, it snowed on our side of town. I know this can’t compete with your blizzards, drifts, salty edges to your grass and potholes in the spring…..but that’s pretty good for here!

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