Monday, Monday

I am usually restless on Mondays. Tired from Sunday. There are some things I need to do so I don’t take the day off completely, but I move slowly and try to rest some.

I don’t know what I am going to do today, besides a few work-related things. Marisa is running some errands now and there may be a couple more later for one of us or all of us to do. The WMP is bringing me Willie Nelson over the speakers and I am blogging.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to post today but decided to clean out some bookmarks and post them here so I can delete them from my bookmarks. So, here you go…..

Another end-time predictor. He says 2008 is the end of everything. Of course, as Trey expressed very well, it really shouldn’t matter if this is true or not. Maybe we can organize a death match between this guy and that other guy.

Newsmap: This is kinda cool. It lists headlines in a cloud format.

Here is a man taking up for men: Is “maleness” worth fighting for?

What to do about self-destructive friends? This relates to ministry. Some people might ask for help, but you can’t help them if they really don’t want to change.

I was reading a book at B&N the other day about totally useless info. I love stuff like that and this website has a lot: D**n Interesting.

This site is satirical and silly, maybe racist, depending on the author’s intent (but as we all know being racist towards the majority is acceptable and even funny), and has sparked a lot of discussion: Stuff White People Like


6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Jeanne M.

    How much snow did you finally end up shoveling and plowing? Hope it didn’t interfere too much with Sunday activities. Have a restful Monday.

  2. brian

    I need to upload Sundays.
    a week ago, the two main guys who take care of it were gone, and no one remembered to get someone else to record. it hit me halfway through our assembly but I didn’t do aything. oh well, I figured that would happen sooner or later.

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