Lost Links

Interview with Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) about tonight’s episode which focuses on his character.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) has a blog and interacts with fans. Dude, he rocks!

An interview with Jorge/Hugo/Hurley about the season opener

Episode 4:04 recap which explains the title, “Eggtown”

Neat interview with Sunjim Kim (Sun) about her interest in cars and Bond

Sidenote: I finally saw “We are Marshall” about the plane crash that killed 75 Marshall U football players and supporters in 1970. Matthew Fox (Jack) is in the movie and is good. Except, this time, he doesn’t get on the plane that crashes and feels guilty. So, kinda like Lost (he cries a lot) but different. Good film. McConahey (sp?) is a hoot but the film is a little depressing, I give it 3 stars.
Sidenote to the sidenote: The most amazing thing about the film is that it made Bobby Bowden likable. The guy who played him deserved an award.
Rules for watching Lost with Brian (in case any of you come to visit over a Thursday)

  • Telephone must be turned of 15 minutes prior to start of show. (the machine will come on and if it is a life or death emergency, Marisa will answer and have the person call back after Lost)
  • No eating of anything during the show. Drinking is allowed as long as it is not audible. Even if you think you can chew quietly, don’t chance it.
  • Lights must be out to have the best view of the screen
  • No Talking!!! All questions and ideas must be discussed only during commercials.
  • Discussion of shocking moments and what is going is encouraged during the commercial breaks and immediately afterwards.

7 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. Is there anything more frustrating than someone wanting to discuss what’s happening on the show or what they think right in the middle of the show.

  2. I really enjoyed We Are Marshall.
    I think Mathew McConahey did a fantastic job.
    It is very moving and powerful movie.
    I also love Facing The Giants.
    It is a very powerful movie.
    Have you seen it?
    If you haven’t I highly recommend it for you and your congregation.

  3. Brian

    I would have quit watching Lost if Desmond had died. Can’t wait for him and penny to be together.

    I think the time travel stuff is going to excite the sci-fi geeks and confuse and run off some casual viewers.

    I am just glad dez survived. good ep.

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