Limitations of Logic and Common Sense

I really enjoyed the logic class I took in college and appreciate how it is a tool in study and understanding. I have also seen it abused and come to realize its limitations and how it can become an obstacle. Common sense, as well, is often a misnomer. In the Bible, “common” can by synonymous with “profane,” in contrast with “holy”.

So, here are some important things that I accept by faith, even though I can’t fully explain them and they don’t always make “sense”:

  • God, the Father. God, the Son. God, the Spirit. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Trinity.
  • Sometimes the Bible talks about the Kingdom of God as almost synonymous with the church, and sometimes the Kingdom of God refers to all creation, everything under God’s rule.
  • God is holy, just, jealous, wrathful…..God is love, merciful, compassionate. Instead of butting heads and trying to place these things in opposition to each, or worse, trying to make a pie chart of how much God is one or the other, just accept Him, people!
  • Atonement. “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness” (Hebrews 9:14).
  • Hell.
  • God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Free Will.

In your walking by faith and not by sight, what spiritual truths do you accept without comprehending fully?


Weekend Reading

Even though 73% of all church of Christ bloggers are in Tulsa this weekend, I will still recommend some interesting reading material I found on the web this week for the remaining 27% who are bored at home and the 3.2% of my readers who are not coC.

Great article about why John 8 and the end of Mark 16 are questioned in your footnotes.

Top 20 Theological Pick-up Lines NOT to Use

Wish I had said THIS. Am I the preacher my congregation wants/needs, an American/21st Century preacher, the kind I want to be, or the kind that God wants.

11-Year-Old dies because parents prayed instead of seeking medical help. What do you think about this? How does it make you feel? Try to understand their side.

This shouldn’t shock anyone the way things have been going. Some churches are getting rid of sin to grow. Popular emerging leaders don’t believe in Hell or the atonement. Why not go all the way and take Jesus out of the church like this group in Canada. Your church might really grow then.

“Quiet” Time

If you were expecting some thoughts about meditation and prayer and Bible study, I am sure you can find that on the web somewhere. I have even posted about it in the past and will in the future.

But for now, I am going to share a little about my kids’ quiet time. We call it “quiet time” instead of nap-time because some days it just ain’t gonna happen. And Sam asks if he can play quietly and we allow that. Half the time he crashes anyway. Sometimes he reads books.

On any given day, no one knows if one kid or the other will sleep, both, or neither.

Marisa went to get groceries during quiet time so I am here with them. Here are today’s events:

  • I hear Eva playing and singing from the start.
  • The first time I go upstairs, I find Eva in Sam’s room playing. It appeared that Sam had been asleep and was now awake. Thanks a lot, Eva!
  • The next time I go upstairs, both kids are playing in the living room. Quiet time rules states that you must stay in your room even if you aren’t tired.
  • The third time I go up, Eva comes toward me from the bathroom holding her diaper which is full of poop (She had already messed up a clean diaper right before quiet time). She was already wearing undies, which meant, they were now dirty because she is two and hasn’t learned the importance of using wipes, yet.
  • The next time, I was in my room upstairs, heard her at the door and told her to go back to her room. As I exit my room to come back downstairs, she greets me while walking back up the stairs (okay, my fault for leaving the gate open) carrying a sock in a basket.
    • At this point I may or may not have swatted her thigh before placing her back in bed.  (DYFS, if you are reading this, I would never spank my child like those dirty fundamentalist and child abusers who actually think it is okay for a child to cry and don’t believe in allowing them whatever they want, whenever they want.)
  • Then, a few minutes later, I hear her door moving so I waited outside to catch her in the act. When she finally opens the door, she has already removed the clean diaper and there is a small dirty spot in it.  So, I clean her up and we put on a new diaper.
  • To be continued….
    • it is almost 3:00 now, which is either the time we give up or the time when they finally fall asleep, and that will lead to difficulties tonight at bedtime.

A Random Hodgepodge of Extraneous Items

First of all, a couple of prayer requests:

  • A family dear to us whose grandson died last summer. Yesterday would have been his 20th birthday. Prayer for parents, sister, grandparents, etc.
  • A long-lost friend in ‘Bama who is a survivor, but enduring trials.


A good year for movies (I would have done a top ten list, but couldn’t come up 10 movies unless I included multiple years):

  1. Iron Man–most anticipated
  2. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  3. Indiana Jones!!
  4. The Dark Night
  5. Bond, James Bond

And maybe higher than all these combined, even though the possibility of it failing totally to capture the imagination of our collective childhoods,…August 2009…G.I. Joe!!!!!!!!!


Well, I only have 3 of the Sixteen Sweet teams left. Oops.


I finally started reading a history book: “Persian Fire” by Tom Holland. He talks about the big war between Greece and Persia in the 400s B.C. I haven’t seen the film “300” yet about the battle of Salamis (oops, Thermopylae, not Salamis-Ed.) but probably will after reading the book. I would prefer a historical slant before a Hollywood angle.

The highlight so far. When Cambyses, son of Cyrus (who let the Jews return to build the Temple) took over after his father’s death, he planned four years for the invasion of Egypt. I would say he has pretty smart. Their soldiers attached cats (don’t know how, don’t know if they were alive or dead, I am not a cat-hater but still find this amusing) to their shields, and the Egyptian archers were shocked and frozen at the sight. Cats are sacred. They couldn’t bring themselves to launch an arrow that might strike a cat.

Is there anyway this methodology might work with Muslim extremists. Does anyone have an concept for a “Pig Launcher?”


What if Jesus dedicated a song to His Lovely Bride, the church, on a radio show? What would it be?

  • “I’ve done everything for you, you’ve done nothing for me” by Rick Springfield
  • “Heartbreaker” by the Rolling Stones
  • “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston (or Dolly, if you prefer)
  • Your choice Here

Weekend Reading

Here is a blogger who is a recent addition to our church family: View from My Window. We are glad to have them. We don’t have a lot of kids or young couples so we really appreciate them. Chandra blogs about adventures in NYC, life in the Great Northeast from a Southerner’s perspective, and lots of family stuff. Her son, H (which is an initial but could also stand for Hilarious), is a good buddy of Sam and Eva. We are having an Easter Egg Hunt at their place this morning.

Here is a great article by Bobby V and I just want to say, “Amen!”

20 Tacky Religious Products Guaranteed to make God Angry. Even (i read those silly magazines when I was young) can see how ridiculous these are.

For those of us who don’t have a party affiliation, how are we supposed to know what is true. Bush haters are rejoicing but still there’s this angle: Saddam’s Ties to Global Terrorism.