Lost Links

Links and a question to get you ready for “The Other Woman.”

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)

Recap of last week, “The Constant.”

Lost cast get a chance to ask their burning questions to producers. My fav is Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and his need for a haircut.

Question of the week (you know, for JD and my sister):

Do you think Juliet is totally on Jack’s side, or is she still holding back and working for Ben? Is she good or bad?


8 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. Bob Bliss

    There are some shows that I watch because I need the TV on. What can I say I grew up with it and am used to it. There are some shows that I must watch. Lost of one of those shows. I hope that the writers can keep our interest for several more seasons.

  2. brian

    donna, summer of 2010 it will end. they (abc and producers) already decided.

    I know what you mean. i like a few other shows and try to catch them and often watch tv to veg, but LOST is appointment viewing, and even re-viewing

  3. Bob Bliss

    Brian, who is the fifth one of the Oceanic 6? I thought they were going to reveal number 5 last week but I didn’t notice anyone.

  4. brian

    little aaron might be considered one of the 6. i can’t remember but the producers said by episode 7 or 8 we would know all of the 6, next week is a Sun episode. being pregnant and all, i expect she is one of the 6 but we will see

  5. brian

    Juliet being an adulteress is not typical Lost surprise. but it was an interesting character episode. it seems every other week is shocking with the eps in between carrying the story along and laying groundwork but not as exciting.

    of course, a less exciting Lost ep is still more interesting than most of what is on TV nowadays

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