Weekend Readings

Read your Bible. Assemble with Christians on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

A little something for everyone today. More variety than usual.

I don’t know if you have to be an English major like me to enjoy this, but here:
Idiom Shortage Leaves Nation all Sewed up in Horse Pies

Another good piece of the Onion mocking Starbucks:
Starbucks opens in Restroom of Starbucks

Gallup, Religion and The Election 2008 from USAToday.com

All the Fuss about Orpah’s Religion/Church
Oprah’s Soul Series (Too bad it’s not about Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye)
Table of Contents and opening pages of Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth

Laugh? Cry? Stare off into space? I don’t know how to react to this study that says being spanked as a child leads to aggressive and inappropriate sexual behavior as an adult. Abuse, sure, but Biblical Discipline? At the least the foto is amusing.

Buddhist monks flirting online. This was just bound to happen.

Fake responses to the news of Favre’s retirement. My fav was Cameron Diaz.

Yet another naturalistic explanation for the amazing things in the Bible. Moses was trippin’ on Mt Sinai.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Readings

  1. I thought the flirting monks story was fake until I read it! how bizarre….by the way where could I order a sweatshirt from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University?

  2. I really enjoyed the links that you gave us to read this weekend.
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
    It was in the high 80’s down here!
    Now we are getting rain and it is 50’s.
    Crazy weather!

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