Clouds, Clouds, and more Clouds

This is just a throw-away post to say, “hello.” So, “Hello!”

We enjoyed the last few days at my in-laws in a neighboring state and relaxed and did nothing.

I do plan to post some more as a response to the great discussion on a Christian’s use/involvement of Government, but it will probably be next week, after I have had more time to think about it. I definitely appreciate all the comments and emails that came as a response. I am thinking theologically as well as sociological, in chewing on everyone’s thoughts.

I put clouds in the subject, text, and tags just because 90 percent of the hits this blog gets are all related to the one cloud picture I posted a while back. It is amazing how many people do searches for “clouds.” I figure this is a way to draw more traffic to my site. Maybe then, I will make John’s list.

I know my links to lost stuff and bizarre news and pop culture, and my random ramblings about nothing at all, my allegiance to Neil Diamond and my fear of spiders are not as “deep” or “interesting” or “profound” or “well-thought-out” or “mature” or “coherent” as blogs by Patrick Mead and the other blogs listed in John Dobb’s Top Ten, but I have forgiven him, so I digress. 🙂
(obligatory smiley face for those who don’t realize how silly I can be and don’t recognize my Chris Farley reference in the last paragraph.)

Have a great week! I’ll be bloggin’ with ya later.


3 thoughts on “Clouds, Clouds, and more Clouds

  1. I’m telling you it must have been tought for John or anyone else to come up with a Top 10 blogs without hurting anyone’s feelings. That’s why I’ve decided to do a Trey’s Top 1000 blogs. AND then I’ll have one to the unknown blog incase I forgot one. 🙂

    I like clouds (and pie for that matter).

  2. Brian

    we shall all bow down to the altar to the unknown blog!

    I have interpreted your punny joke as an apology. I know it can be hard to express one’s feelings, especially when wrong. I accept.

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