Weekend Ramblings and Readings

We are having a party for my favorite 4-year-old today. Sam will be 4 tomorrow. Wow!



Saturday, a group of 12-15 from church are going to see another member’s NYC debut as a tenor at Lincoln Center. He is singing in a production of King Arthur that removed the dialogue and adding some dancing. Should be fun.

Next week I plan to finally collect my thoughts about your thoughts about thinking about Christians, Politics, and Government.

Also, be looking for something amazing and new. An idea I have had for maybe a year that I have wanted to do (don’t get too excited, it’s silly) and will post if I can find the file I started.

Here are some things to read and think about in addition to your Bible reading this weekend.

5 Reasons to Read Commentaries

Sad Letter written by Man who shot up a church in CO. Page 1 (you will need to enlarge), Page 2. Yep, he was deranged, but maybe he could have been helped.

To an Athlete Dying Young. Bill Simmons usually writes amusing stuff about sports and pop culture. He has written serious stuff better than this, but even though he was off, it is a good read. Concerning the High School football star gunned down in LA.

Big List O’ gods. This is an atheistic site, but the list is interesting. What do you think about his statement, “If you realize why you are an atheist towards all of these gods you will realize why atheists are atheistic towards your god.”

Happy Hooker fantasy has got to go. Financial writer makes some good points.

Spitzer scandal view from an insider

The only winners in the Spitzer scandal are Leno, Letterman, Conan, etc. Permit me one bad joke I heard on the radio: Someone made a bumper sticker that says…

Corrupt Politician: The Second Oldest Profession


5 thoughts on “Weekend Ramblings and Readings

  1. Cool cake. Marisa seems to be pretty good at that. What’s the deal with the helmet-girl? She doesn’t seem too happy.

    Happy Birthday, Sam!

    I liked the article about dealing with your money instead of just waiting to win the lotto or luck out on a high-paying job. Good advice.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Happy birthday to Sam! Wow! Impressive cake! Marissa is going to have to teach me how to do that! I can’t believe I’m just now seeing your blog…I’m a little slow.

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