My Thoughts on Your Thoughts on Christians and Politics

I would like to once again thank everyone who contributed to the second highest hit day of my blog history. (First place was when we raised money for a family in need.) Of course, it’s not about me anyway, but about me being right. (just kidding)

Sorry if you were expecting some type of treatise in Turabian style on the issue .

Some random observations and thoughts:

  • Most of us agree with what is right or wrong, good or bad, yet we all have different ideas about how to involve the government, or how the govt should be involved.
  • We kinda bypassed the whole issue of what exactly should the government do or not do, what involvement should the government have in these issues. It seems that a presupposition of many of you was that “whatever we should be doing, the government should be doing, or we should be implementing the state to help in accomplishing it”. Some of you touched on that but most didn’t. That is a philosophy I was wondering about. All of us had different reasons for why certain issues should affect our voting and others shouldn’t. I don’t know if any of us were consistent.
  • It seems that whatever issue is closest to our heart is also the one we want the most help with, government help.
  • Does anyone feel forced into a party? Do you consider yourself a Repub or Dem because of 2-3 issues but wouldn’t be accepted by the hardcores because you don’t accept the whole platform? Do you gladly or begrudgingly accept the side effects of voting? If there was a party that was anti-abortion and pro-benevolence and anti-war, would all Christians vote for that group?

More questions to stir the proverbial pot:

  • How do we distinguish between what the govt allows and what they force and what they prohibit?
  • How is Darfur different from Iraq? I believe something should be done, but many believe nothing should have been done about Iraq but something should be done about Darfur. What is the difference? (I understand things were rushed, people lied, false or falsified inteligence played a role, no WMDs, etc.)
  • What is a Biblical argument for obligatory voting by Christians (and don’t throw out respect, submit, obey because it ain’t a crime not to vote)?
  • None of us (believers) wants a U.S. theocratic government that preaches salvation to the masses on behalf of the church. Why not? Why is that a “theocracy,” yet pushing the government to deal with poverty or abortion is okay?
  • As Christians, is telling the govt how and when to wage war equivalent to the govt telling the church how and when to forgive and exercise mercy?

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