Spam Subject Line Poetry

I have been thinking about this for a long time and collecting phrases from the subject lines of various emails. I finally found that document again and have compiled a couple of poems for your literary and artistic pleasure. Enjoy the first installment.

The first one I have entitled, “Exclamation!” because each of the lines had an exclamation mark in it.

it’s demonstrable ! nomograph on chairmen but dividend , halibut

it’s california some mullah ! disjunct some seagram , grieve

some colloquial ! rejoice see legging see node the johanson

or hamburger and renounce ! vixen a lambda on gaines

harvestman be artifice ! edict it polarography the superstition try nepenthe

not delicate ! flat , belief the self it’s belief


This one is entitled, “Flycatcher” because I received two emails with that in the subject line:



Because scum Mcnulty

Likes paraboloidal figures

Terms until claimant dwarves palsy breadroot

Speaking Alabama

in society on heat it’s lead be school see meeting

dustbin crossbill durango sporty adduce hurd

not steps but go model preferably pump

walked or bearberry William

irresistible epic beowulf zoology




5 thoughts on “Spam Subject Line Poetry

  1. jl – lol Good reply. But you got to remember, we preachers only work one day a week.

    Brian – I’ve never really read my spam subject line. When I do they are kind of on the dirty side.

  2. paula

    You should do a reading at your local coffee shop. Let me know so I can make plans to attend…with my camcorder…and some tomatos 🙂

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