Lost Links

Oh boy! Tonight should be good. And to top it off, this is the last episode for 3-4 weeks. And we get to learn how Ben’s spy ended up on the freighter. And we all know who Ben’s spy is, right? I didn’t spill any beans just in case JD hasn’t caught up yet. Oh yeah, and the previews told us explicitly that SOMEONE DIES!!! Will it be a beloved castaway or a hated one?

Last week’s recap–Ji Yeon

Top 100 Lost Moments (come Trey, where is your Top 100 list?)

Possibilities for who bites it tonight

More Time-warping theories


P.S.–I forgot to mention that Lost returns after a brief break the same week I have already committed to a TV Fast.  My faith is already being tested.  Pray for me!


2 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. Bob Bliss

    Brian, it was SOOO obvious who Ben’s spy was once we saw him that I didn’t even blink. Actually I blinked because at first I couldn’t believe he was on the boat! Lost has continued to keep me guessing.

    TV fasts are why they created Tivo, DVRs, VCRs, and DVD recorders.

  2. Brian

    fast paced episode tonight.

    we still don’t know if it was ben or widmore who faked the 815 wreckage, but both are losers.

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