Piper on Worship

“If the essence of worship is satisfaction in God, then worship can’t be a means to anything else. You simply can’t say to God, “I want to be satisfied in You so that I can have something else.” Because that would mean that you are not really satisfied in God but in that something else. And that would dishonor God, not worship Him.

But in fact, for many people and pastors, the event of “worship” on Sunday morning is conceived of as a means to accomplish something other than worship:

We “worship” to raise money;
We “worship” to attract crowds;
We “worship” to heal human hurts
We “worship” to recruit workers;
We “worship” to improve church morale;
We “worship” to give talented musicians an opportunity to fulfill their calling;
We “worship” to teach our children the way of righteousness;
We “worship” to help marriages stay together;
We “worship” to evangelize the lost among us;
We “worship” to give our churches a family feeling, etc., etc.

In all of this we belittle worship and God.”

(Taken from “The Dangerous Duty of Delight” by John Piper, p. 58)


15 thoughts on “Piper on Worship

  1. Don


    I will warn you… you are treading on a lot of your blogging brother’s toes making “worship” all about God.
    Be careful. It takes a pretty secure, confident, ready person to blog like this 😉

    But it looks like you’re ready!

  2. Brian

    thanks, don,
    and glad you found enough brain cells to post again.

    i put that in our church bulletin on Sunday and it tied into both lessons, but didn’t think about posting until a few minutes before I did it. God knew what you needed.

  3. Well put … too often our worship is about us, what we like, what we want … etc. If the songs aren’t the ones we like we complain, etc. I have to remember … it’s not about me!

  4. Brian

    no, I was being silly, but I don’t enjoy it either, so it’s okay
    I notice you didn’t question the stains or burps…

  5. Brian

    don said something about brain damage. maybe if he would give up the alcohol and pot, he would be smart enough to blog again.

  6. Don

    It’s obvious you’re a good boy like me.
    You see if we weren’t then we would know just how counter indicated/productive “booze” and “grass” are to one another.

    I think you were just trying to get a rise out of me. Of the many things I have been called 😉 gullible ain’t one of them.

  7. Brian

    thanks, tony.
    I will definitely check those out. i appreciate piper, but of course, no one is perfect and everything must be tested

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