Weekend Reading

Today’s list will include excerpts from the linked-to pages. Just a sign of how much I love you.

Obama and Religion: The problem too many people are missing (He makes an interesting distinction to consider even if you are an Obamamaniac. This is something else to consider in the whole ‘religion and politics’ discussion.)
“It is not religious bigotry to ask if the social implications, which the UCC web site clearly states, are those Middle America wants to see in the White House the next four years.”

Four New Atonement Metaphors/Illustrations (What do you think?)

Acknowledging Jesus as a Failed Leader (Gasp! What? Heresy!)
“Legacy is what matters. Obviously no one will every match Jesus in the realm of legacy. But as we contemplate our pilgrimage in life, we must get over the self-serving concept of leadership and set our hearts and minds on legacy.”

Awesomely Awesome Leadership (The”Leadership” backlash continues. Good laugh and a good point here. This link explains what is going on and within it, you can link to a long list of funny examples.)
–“It’s my belief that Jesus is the Greatest Leader Ever. But he was, by any reasonable American standard, one real big failure as CEO.”
“I say if that’s “success”, here’s to the faithful failures; people with true pastoral hearts, serving people God has brought across their paths, never getting book deals, never selling motivational CDs, and always aware that God humbles the proud, and exalts the humble.”

Congregational & A cappella Free MP3 download (It’s a list of audio files, no excerpt.)

Stats and info against Planned Parenthood
“PP encourages sexual activity amongst teenagers by teaching that them that it is “part of a process of achieving sexual maturity.”

TV in the Kid’s Bedroom…Bad Idea (well, duh!)
“For Christian parents, a proper concern must move from the more generalized effects of television as a communications medium to the content of the communication — the message and the medium. Television is a soul-contaminator, training young souls to want the wrong consumer goods, value the wrong moral goods, laugh at the wrong places, and emulate vacuous and immoral celebrities.”


One thought on “Weekend Reading

  1. Bob Bliss

    Brian, the new metaphors on atonement are interesting. However, they are making the same mistake that penal substitute theorists make – they think the Bible only presents one side. Both sides have made this an either/or rather than a both/and. The same is true about salvation. Some see only justification (by Paul) but other NT writers present other images (e.g. adoption, as does Paul). Sherwood’s sermon on grace was quite good. I would use a similar tactic on the texts that he choose. However, he still misses the wrath of God in other Hosea texts and other NT texts. He misses the fact that once Hosea bought Gomer he locked her away for a period of time. Any action of God has both sides, judgment and salvation, involved. The flood of Noah clearly reveals this. God judged humanity and destroyed them but saved humanity in Noah. Clearly we are poor in our thinking if we neglect either side.

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