This Post is for the Birds

I don’t have anything to say so here is a woodpecker from our bird feeder.  I was going to post a second picture, but since WP has changed everything I am not sure how.  It took awhile to figure out this.  Then I couldn’t find the option for inserting a second picture.


6 thoughts on “This Post is for the Birds

  1. I know, I’m getting confused with the new dashboard too. I don’t really like it, although I guess when I get used to it, it will be okay. We’ll see. So did you figure out how to add more than one picture?

  2. I love watching the birds. We have a couple of woodpeckers who are the bosses of the backyard. I lay nuts out for the squirrels, bluejays, and cardinals, and the woodpeckers bully them all away. They’re great!

  3. Teresa

    Do you have a lot of woodpeckers like that in NJ? I thought they were indigenous to Arizona. They are one of the few birds I can recognize by their call.

  4. Brian

    we have seen at least two kinds of woodpeckers at our feeder. I can’t remember the other. last summer marisa’s family was here and her grandparents and aunt/uncles know a a lot of birds. her uncle actually bought us the feeder.

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