Somewhere in Wisconsin…

…in a bar, a few friends wearing green #4 jerseys are plotting to “pull a gillooly” on poor Aaron Rodgers.

…others are contracting a hit.

…the Packer faithful are praying for an ACL injury, or at least a hamstring problem.

If I were Aaron, I would lay low and hire some top notch security guards.

Read this to understand what I am talking about.


4 thoughts on “Somewhere in Wisconsin…

  1. wes

    actually none of this is funny stuff you a$$hole. It’s really criminal. What if this were your son ignorant people are hoping will get injured. Actually I hope you get maimed you jerk. Take this article and stuff it up your ….

  2. Brian

    i wasn’t supporting, condoning, or encouraging violence.
    I would be surprised if it happened, but I hope not.

    I was joking as a comment on packer nation’s idolatrous obsession with favre. that’s all.

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