Maybe, I am not a real preacher. Or maybe, I am just really tired, but I am so glad it’s Monday. The last two weeks have been super busy. I still haven’t begun working on my Bible Camp lesson (see below). I have a few things to take care of today but I also hope to go run around either see a movie or hang out at B&N.


Is it bad that I use the threat of bugs/ants whenever Eva makes a mess with food. She is already deathly afraid of bugs. I had to dispose of a ladybug the other day. Even I could handle that.


Camp Manatawny 2008–Junior High II

We had a teachers’ meeting a week ago to discuss our Bible curriculum for this summers week of Junior High kids. Being an Olympic year, one teacher suggested we take advantage of that and teach on the parallels between athletics and spirituality. There are a lot of scriptures. This is what we ended up with for the five lessons. The Theme: Race to Heaven. What do you think?

  • Commit–I am writing this lesson which will focus on faith and courage.
  • Honor–integrity. there are plenty of bad examples to point out; 2 Timothy 2:5
  • Glory–For this last lesson, we will focus on God’s glory and how the Kingdom is different from the athletics world.


Brian still Likes Food (this was going to be its own post, but come on.)

Late night snacking has been a problem for me at times. When I can’t sleep because I am restless, I will watch TV (too tired to read) and munch. First some cereal. Then maybe a hot dog. Then some ice cream. Leftovers. A little chocolate. I know, I sound like a pregnant lady. I am sleeping better and eating better. Last Wednesday, though, I was wired after a busy day and was up a couple of hours later than usual.

Guess what I snacked on. First, a bowl of bran flakes. Pretty good, huh? It gets better. Then I made a salad (I love salads) with cauliflower, onion, tomato, red pepper, romaine, parmegian, olives, oil, and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes we add chicken pieces to it and sometimes lunch meat. This time was all veggie, and it was great. Just wanted to share some progress with you.

Also, the wife has made sweet potato french fries twice and they are really good. A great substitute for regular fries which will be the death of me.

Lastly, check into Flat Earth snacks. Go to www.impossiblygood.com and read the whole story. They are chips made from veggies and fruits and they are yummy. Especially if you like to much on salty, crunchy stuff. Popcorn is still probably better for you, but these taste good. Their name comes from the fact that they left Frito-Lay because they believed snacks can taste good and be healthy.


5 thoughts on “T.G.I.M

  1. Sheesh … what a Monday. Funerals, bible studies, move a family into an apartment … I’m glad it’s over. Tuesday will be much easier … I hope.

    Speaking of food, we had burgers on the grill tonight. And poppers. Do you guys have poppers up there? They are Jalapeños that you clean the seeds out of then you stuff it with cream cheese and wrap it in bacon. You then grill them … YUM. Heart attack on a plate!

  2. Brian

    cool, i wondered where everyone was today.
    i am currently listening to john dobbs in his ustream video/chat room

  3. Trey,
    Those should be called “Stoppers” not Poppers.

    Do you work any other week besides Jr. High at Manatawney? We’ve probably run into each other at some point.


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