Weeking Reading

Here are some things you might enjoy. I love being eclectic. You never what you might find on Fridays at my place:

Jack Handy is a real person with his own blog. I always thought it was Phil Hartman. A couple of deep thoughts for you: This one made me cry: Better off Dead? This one is relevant to my earlier fotos. Insects.

Neil Diamond is releasing a new CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I think of him as an oldies guy. I like the genre. Anyone plan to buy it?

“I can’t imagine why anyone would want to stop crying” by a 2 month old. Really funny.

Mitt Romney pokes fun at himself with Top Ten Reasons he dropped out.  My fav was the jab at Gore.

Work ethic and Faith. Women who attend church regularly work harder.

and now a little more serious

A great, yet scary prayer, “God, please break me.

Lousiana child-rape laws. Talk about conflicting emotions. Do we love little children, do we respect life, or do we show mercy? I am torn, because I am not categorically anti-cap punishment. I would at least like an opportunity to punch him in the face or kick him in the groin, and I am not totally convinced that my feelings are ungodly and unChristlike.


4 thoughts on “Weeking Reading

  1. there was some good ones there!

    will have to check out N D’s new cd. didn’t know he was that old ! (not that’s old )

    as for the one about crying , can’t say that i have done that in some time.

    hope ya have a good weekend 😉

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