Weekend Reading

A Little Leaven: I enjoy this site’s sarcasm and agree with its anti-consumeristic angle.

Another view on Jesus from the director of Robocop. Maybe he thinks Jesus was an android.

Could this possibly relate to the Great Flood.

A great sermon by Spurgeon.

Sorry, the list is short today.  I haven’t found as much interesting this week.

Have a great weekend and a great First Day of the Week!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Jim Morrison

    The ‘Great Flood’ didn’t really happen – I’m amazed that anybody (other than fundies in the US and Mid East) still believe those fairytales!
    You really need to try reading some of the science books written in the last 200 years.

  2. Me too, Brian. 🙂 I personally put more faith in a Book that’s been around a lot longer than the last 200 years.

    I look forward to knowing one of these days the truth behind some of the things scientists have “proven.”

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