ABCs of Tagging (thanks Wade)

Lisa tagged Wade and Wade tagged me. Cool. I am always up for a meme.

A. Attached or Single: attached

B. Best Friend: my wife, then my sister

C. Cake or Pie: pie, pecan or choc

D. Day of Choice: Thursday

E. Essential Item: air, water, internet

F. Flavor of Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia/Cherry Cordial

G. Gummy bears or Worms: bears

H. Hometown: Paducah, KY

I. Indulgences: KC Masterpiece chips, blogs

J. January or July: January

K. Kids: Sam (4), Eva (2)

L. Last Movie I saw in a Theater: Prince Caspian (Iron Man was better) (Indy next week)

M. Middle Name: Patric (no ‘k’)

N. Number of Siblings: 1

O. Orange or Apples: apples

P. Phobias or fears: spiders, automated robots following my blog

Q. Quote: I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me. — Dudley Field Malone

R. Reasons to Smile. my kids

S. Season: Fall

T. Tag 4. Sis, Motorcycle Grandma, Tiptoes, Jimmy Mitchell

U. Unknown fact about me: I was born at a very young age into a poor black family in depression era Alabama.

V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: MEAT!!!

W. Worst Habit: procrastination or cynicism

X. X-rays or Ultra-sounds; X-rays

Y. Your favorite food: pork chops, pasta

Z. Zodiac: Gemini


Weekend Ramblings

I have joined the ranks of the Twits, Twittererers, etc. Since John Dobbs and Trey Morgan are doing it, do I have a choice? God help us if those two ever convert to Hinduism. Maybe you can see my page here.

Also, if it is good enough for my former roomie John Wilson (who failed at facebook and won’t blog, and hardly calls or writes), then it is worth a shot.

Great, so in addition to all the other decisions I have in life, now I have to decide if a random thought or link should be twitted or saved for blog post.  Isn’t like difficult enough?


“The effects of Driving in NJ on one’s Worship and Spiritual Growth” or “At least I know my anti-lock brakes work!”

I was on the GSP (i’ll let a bliss or leichner interpret that for you guys) and the truck in front of me braked, I braked, he swerved to the right, I went a little to the left, the red convertible behind me managed to avoid me, and whatever car was in front of the truck went somewhere. Nobody made contact with anyone else. Immediately following, as I continued to drive to a preachers’ meeting, I had some of the best worship and praise time in recent weeks. Thank you, Jesus.


Whoever got the idea of making pink sand either knows my daughter or has a daughter of his/her own. My kids are playing with pink sand in the sand box as I type.


Say a prayer for the Carr family. Today they had the second funeral in a week. Our song leader’s brother and cousin both died in a single car accident a week ago.

Lost Season 4 Finale!!!!!

If you recall, last year’s season finale was a jaw-dropping shocker. When Kate appeared out of the shadows and we collectively realized that it was the FUTURE and not the past, everything changed. Cool!

Tonight is promising similar shakeups. It should be great. We see exactly how and why those six, the Oceanic 6, make it off while others don’t. I think we will also learn who was in that casket in last year’s finale.

Don’t forget, there will be three hours of Lost tonight. First, the replay of the last episode, then the 2-hour part 2 of the finale. WOW!!

15 Great Moments from this Season

Interview with Evangeline Lilly.

Who’s in the casket?

Interview with Keamy

Interesting and Useful Links

There are a few sites like this one, which share faith in the news, but I just found it, so it is more interesting.

Theocentric Preaching
A great quote by A.W. Tozer

Godize the Bible
Great thoughts by Danny Sims

Sound Doctrine
I continue to appreciate Driscoll’s moderate approach in the Emergent storm

it is not that people aren’t getting fed it is that they are choosing not to eat
Wow! Good point, taking up for us preacher folk.

Team sermon prep
Neat idea. could it work for area preachers who aren’t on a big staff?

Studying the Scriptures by Dr. Kenneth Boa
Read it! Download it! Share it! I am making sure each member has a copy. Only 7 pages front and back. Great resource for new converts class.

John Mark Hicks
“Yet, I Will Trust in Him” is a great book. Please go read what John Mark has been blogging about recently. He is a man who has suffered greatly. He has and does wrestle with God. His prayer upon hearing of the death of John Dobb’s son is deep, powerful, and honest. John Robert died on the anniversary of his son’s death.