Take me out to the Ballpark

I have only been to a handful of MLB games live but they have all been great experiences. I hope to take advantage of living close to NYC this summer to visit Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium (final year for both). Here are some of my memories of games I have attended. There is maybe one other when I was young that I can’t remember, also at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

It’s so relaxing to be at a game. The food/snacks are great. When the weather is nice, it’s a perfect day.

Cubs at St Louis in 1990

  • I was young so I don’t remember everything but Maddux (my fav pitcher of all) pitched and Mitch Williams came in for the save. Ryne Sandberg (my fav Cub and maybe favorite player) hit his 30th HR of the season (finished with 40) into the left field bleaches just a few rows in front of me. I still remember watching that ball come straight towards me. I was 14 years old.
  • I got hooked watching the cubs on cable in 1989 when they won the NL East (pre-wildcard days).

Marlins at Atlanta in 1998

  • Maddux again, this time against Kevin Brown, when he was awesome. The Marlins were defending champions. It was an awesome pitchers duel. The fairly new Turner Field was beautiful. Klesko hit a sac fly in the bottom of the ninth to win it. I was sitting in the right field upper deck, looking at the top of the foul pole. Great game. Final was 1-0, I think. Definitely a one run game.

Wrigley Field in 1998

  • This trip was an adventure, but any pilgrimage should be. A buddy from HS was at GA Tech and had a job at Delta. He could fly for free and got me a cheap standby ticket. I will never fly standby again. I was at summer school at FHU, so I was going to fly from Memphis to Atlanta, and we would depart early the next morning for Chicago.
  • Well, first all, because of flying standby, I didn’t make it till the last flight out. Got into Atlanta after midnight and made it by subway to stay with my friend. (technically, I was supposed to stay at my girlfriend’s parents house, but the late flight mess that up). We left early but had more standby probs. With his ticket, he could get on, but I couldn’t We finally got a flight through Cincinnati.
  • By the time we landed in Chicago the game had already started. We made it by the 7th inning, in time to here Harry Caray sing. I think Sammy hit a home run. Jim Lefevre got ejected. The weather was perfect. We saw Hector Villanueva (only hardcore cubby fans remember this chubby catcher) in the stadium after the game. I think he had just been called up.
  • I bought a shirt and regret not buying a cap that day.
  • On the way home, they had open seats in First Class, so that made up for the early probs.

Marlins at NY Mets 2007

  • I got two free tickets for giving blood. Went with a brother from church. It was my first time at Shea. We were in the upperdeck in Right Field. Marlins won, but we saw a few homers. Josh Willingham (who I believe is a member of the church of Christ) had an awesome game. Not as exciting a game, but still fun. I bought my mets cap. Enjoyed a great Italian sausage with peppers and onions. Found a ten dollar bill in the men’s room.


  • I am expecting a friend to come visit who is a big Yankees fan and will go with him. Hope to do the big tour and everything.
  • I have also checked for tickets for when the Padres play at Yankee Stadium, hoping to catch Maddux one more time. Peavy would be cool, too.
  • I am really hoping to see the Cubs play the Mets in September. Two favorite teams. Lots of favorite players. Cubs and Mets might be in pennant races in their respective divisions.
  • You can count on a report if I make to a game.

10 thoughts on “Take me out to the Ballpark

  1. I saw the Astros in the old Astrodome when I was a kid. That was fun.

    In college, I spent two summers in Long Beach, California. Loren Evans, whose family I lived with, sold insurance and had season tickets to the Dodgers… nice seats. I went with him to a game and saw Jerry Reuss throw a one-hitter. I even caught a foul ball, which infuriated Loren’s son who had sat in that very seat many a time.

    I’m not a big baseball fan, but my experience is that every sport is enjoyable to watch in person. Well, my one outing to a car rally was the notable exception.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Jeanne M.

    If you didn’t get to the stadium in Chicago until the 7th inning, how did you see Hector Villanueva in the stadium before the game?

  3. Brian

    jeanne, keen skills of perception

    it must have been afterwards, because we hung around as long as we could to take pictures, buy souvenires, etc.

  4. Me and my two older boys are huge MLB fans. We’ve only caught games at the Rangers new stadium and Minute Maid park in Houston. Two great ball parks.

    All the games we’ve attended have been pretty good. Two of the Ranger games we got an inside deal on seats and ended up sitting on row 1 behind the screen and home plate, amazing. Then at Minute Made in Houston last year the seat I was sitting in (nose bleed) was selected for a drawing and after the game we went down on the field and I got the jersey that Lance Berkman was wearing during the game.

    I’ve caught a tub load of bp balls, but one game ball that was fouled back to me. It was hit by Gary Matthews Jr. and pitched by Mark Buehrle.

    Being a huge Braves fan I have secured tickets in the suites for this years interleague game between the Rangers and Braves! Yea!

  5. I’ve never really gotten into MLB, but since moving to VA we’ve been to a few minor league games. It’s a lot of fun. I love watching local teams play.

  6. Willingham is a member of the CofC. He went to Mars Hill Bible School in Florence, AL. We have several mutual friends but I never really got to know him.

  7. Nick Gill

    We’re taking a road-trip from Frankfort, KY to NYC to catch a game at the House that Ruth Built. It will be the Wednesday afternoon game on July 30th. I already have my Paul O’Neill jersey ready!

    Thanks for the link!

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