Weekend Reading

Great article on new Cubs OF Kosuke Fukudome from Sports Illustrated.

Evangelical Manifesto criticizes politics of faith. It’s about time, Hello?!

Who lives and Who dies in the event of a pandemic? Scary and sad thoughts.

Hilarious poem, to the tune of “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus”

Also funny, dialogue displaying the differences in the genders.

This old SNL commercial still cracks me up. It’s only the text, but hilarious.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. solo

    Brian – At work today, I went to make some copies – and guess what jumped out from under the lid of the copy machine? Yep, a big, black, hairy-looking spider with a white spot on its back. I thought of you as I was smushing him with my sandal.

    The “dialogue displaying the differences in genders” link is hilarious!

  2. Don

    I probably should just leave this alone BUTT-
    That “An Evangelical Manifesto” is bunk. It sounds like something a politician would write.
    Every issue is boils down to right is wrong – left is wrong we need to be more “third way”.
    They do say that Evangelicals are too political but then they say we need to be more political. What it is, is a Manifesto Against Fundamentalism. Iit really is that much of a
    (wait for it)
    (wait for it)
    (here he goes…..)
    “Postmodern Theo-babble Theology of Meaning”

    Yes! Yes! Yes! He does it again. [Fist pumping into the air] 😉

    Plus its blah-blah ECUMENICAL blah-blah……… uh -blah.

  3. Brian

    i don’t expect too much to come from it, don,
    but at least it points towards or proposes something better, maybe not complete, or best, but better

    is there an agenda behind it? wouldn’t surprise me at all

  4. Brian

    that’s why I refer to them as “little terrorists”, they wait and wait and then…..POUNCE!

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