What I’ve Been Eating

Since I know, of course, that all of you have been lying in bed at night wondering exactly what I have been putting into my mouth, chewing, and swallowing of late.

I am down to 194 lbs. I don’t know when exactly I started losing weight, but at Christmas, I was at 202.

Last year, because of cholesterol, I cut down on the bad fats but still ate/drank lots of carbs and sugars. I drank a lot of juice instead of soda (southerners, read: coke) because I didn’t realize how much sugar was in fruit juice.

This year I mainly drink water, some decaff tea, coffee, and, soda for eating out, occasional treats. But here are some things that have been pretty consistent in my weekly diet:

  • Tuna twice a week. Sometimes I mix in the mayo and mustard, lately I have been eating it plain with a fork. It’s easier to do that with when it comes in oil. I have come to like the Bumblebee brand.
  • Salad at least twice a week. Just had a good one for lunch today. Cauliflower, tomates, onions, celery carrots, sunflower seeds, almonds pieces, sometimes broccoli and red peppers. I always put olive oil and balsamic vinegar, no fat salad dressing.
  • Peanut Butter and something sandwich once a week. My favorite is banana.
  • We don’t eat fish every week, but cook Tilapia 2-3 times a month.
  • The rest of our diet is chicken stuff, sandwiches, and soups. Occasionally we make a taco salad.
  • I eat very little pasta and pizza and bread. Two of my favorite things.
  • I have even cut down on cereal as a snack/filler because of the carbs/sugar. Even the healthy stuff has sugar in it, and lots of carbs.
  • I munch on almonds and planet earth veggie/fruit chips.
  • I have a big water bottle that I sip on all day long most days.
  • I still splurge one or two meals a week. We can’t seem to avoid eating out for more than a week. Some days my carb cravings take over and I eat bread, toast, cereal and pizza, but it is limited.

Overall, I have made great improvements in my eating habits in the last two years. I will get blood work done again sometime this summer and hope my cholesterol and sugars are better.

I will talk about exercising some other day, but not because I haven’t been doing it.


9 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Eating

  1. Way to go Brian… glad your making a lifestyle change. Not easy is it? I’ve been there. Most of the time I do really well and then other times I crash and burn.

    I have to seriously admit … the exercising has greatly increased my ability to lose the weight.

  2. Peanut butter and bananas sound good–do you toast it like Elvis? When I get the munchies I go for baby carrots–you can eat 14 for only 35 calories. Sorry for the carb overload at our house on Saturday…

  3. wjcsydney

    Some great habits forming there, Brian. I would love to get my family to have a salad a day. One day…
    Exercise is a great way of lowering cholesterol. It’s how my DH avoided cholesterol meds.

  4. Brian

    baby carrots are great. i do munch on those sometimes. i haven’t had a pb&b fried or toasted yet, but that sounds good.

  5. My favorite PB sandwich EVER was right after my second son’s birth, the midwife made me a toasted PB & honey sandwich with wheat germ. Oh, my, that was soooo yummy. Or maybe the circumstances (starved stomach & worn-out body) made it extra special?? I don’t think I’ll ever forget that sandwich. 😉

  6. I really need to change my diet. I am a whale now compared to the toothpick I was as a missionary in Brazil several years ago (the pictures amaze me). I just don’t have any bloodwork or tests done because I’m afraid of what I’ll learn. Dumb, right?

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